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Integrated Health CBN Certification Committee

The CBN Certification Committee is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the specialty of bariatric nursing care by maintaining the CBN certification program.

» William F. Gourash, RN, CRNP, PhD » Jessie M. Moore, MSN, APRN » Kellie Armstrong, MSN, RN, CBN » Nicola Field » Sharon Hillgartner, RN, CBN, MBSCR (Leader) » Karen Groller, PhD, RN-BC, CMSRN » Carah Horn, MBA-HCA, BSN, RN, CBN » Ruth M. Davis, RN, BSN, MBA (Leader) » Cheryl L….

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Integrated Health Support Group Committee

Nini Peterson, PhD Chair & IHEC Liaison

Andrea Rigby, PsyD Co-Chair

Lauren Carey, RDN, LDN – Past Chair Lora Grabow, LMSW Lillian Craggs-Dino, DHA, RDN, LDN, CLT Kirsten Tychonievich, MS, SRPN, ANP-C

Lori Nevins, LCSW Emily Thompson, RD, CSOWM Jill Welshans, RN, MSN, AG-ACNP

Karen Loerzel, MS, CMP

The mission of the IH Support Group committee is to promote the development of the concept of support groups in the…

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Integrated Health Multidisciplinary Care Committee

Brooke Doucet, RN CBN Chair

Nicole Franklin, PsyD Co-Chair

Janelle Coughlin, PhD IHEC Liaison

Anita Baird, RN BSN CBN Genna Hymowitz, PhD, Senior Past Chair Eva Panigrahi, PhD Kate Rountree, RDN LDN Colleen Schreyer, PhD, Immediate Past Chair Dawn Stepnowski, DNP APN-C Judith Summers, PA-C Catherine Tuppo, PT MS CLT-LANA Mae Zoltowsky, RN BSN CPHQ

Leslie Vinson

The mission of the committee is to provide evidence-based support for the role…

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Integrated Health Program and Professional Education Committee

Connie Klein, NP Chair

Lynn Montague-Daddio, MSN RN NP ACNS-BC CBN Co-chair

Kellie Armstrong, RN, MS, CBN IH Executive Council Liaison

Stephanie Sogg, PhD, President Mary Gray-Hixson, MPH RD CSOWM LDN, IHEC Secretary

Heidi Bednarchuk, President Elect William F. Gourash, MSN, CRNP David Creel, PhD

Michael Dougherty, PA-C Kim Evans-Labok Karen Flanders, NP-C Leslie Heinberg, PhD Afton Koball, PhD Catherine Tuppo, PT, MS, CLT-LANA Megan Tomczyszyn, MS, RD,…

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Integrated Health Clinical Issues Committee

Lillian Craggs-Dino, DHA RDN LDN CLT Chair & IHEC Liaison

Laura Aylward, PhD Co-Chair

Cynthia Blalock, MSN, AGPCNP-BC Rheanna Ata Brown, PhD Danbi Choi, MSN, APRN, NP-C Gwendolyn Crispell, RN, MSN, CBN Kasey Goodpaster, PhD, Immediate Past Chair Karen Grothe, PhD ABPP LP Haylee Hannah, MS RD LD CSOWM Carah Horn, MBA-HCA BSN RN Leah Hurley, MS RD LDN

Kellene Isom, PhD MS RD CAGS Larissa McGarrity, PhD Clinical Psych Assistant Jillian…

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Integrated Health Membership Committee

Laura Boyer, FNP-C Interim Chair

Heidi Bednarchuk, MSN APRN CNS

Melissa Brubaker, MBSCR LPN RN

Jamie Carr, BSN, RN

Beth Czerwony, MS RD CSOWM LD

Adam Dungey, MBA BSN

Mary Gray Hixson, MPH, RD, CSOWM, LDN

Julia Jurgensen, APRN CNP DNP

Rachel Millard, DNP FNP-C

Ashleigh Pona, PhD

Aimee Rothe, BSN RN CEN TCRN

Jeff Stromswold, NP

Maria Trapp, PhD

Kim Carmichael

The function of the IH Membership Committee is to act…

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State and Local Chapters Committee

Please note that the State and Local Chapters Committee is not accepting new member applications at this time. Committee membership is currently by appointment only. Click here to learn more about our State Chapters


Dino Spaniolas, MD FACS FASMBS Co-Chair

Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Christopher Daigle, FRCSC FACS FASMBS, Immediate Past Chair Forrest Ringold, MD FACS, Alabama David Podkameni, MD, Arizona Pearl Ma,…

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Public Education Committee

Rickesha Wilson, MD Chair

Kristin McCoy, MD Co-Chair

Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS Co-Chair

Teresa LaMasters, MD FACS FASMBS DABOM DABS-FPMBS Executive Council Liaison

Ketha Bavana, MD Adrian Dan, MD January Hill, MD FASMBS FACS ABOM Sonam Kapadia, MD Jason Kempenich, MD

Erika La Vella, DO Ryan Lehmann, DO FACS FASMBS Jun Levine, MD FACS Marissa Novack, MD Sean O’Neill, MD PhD

Faiz Shariff, MD FACS FASMBS Morgan Vonasek, MD Roger Kissin,…

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Pediatric Committee

Jeffrey Zitsman, MD Chair

Jeremy Aidlen, MD FACS FAAP Co-Chair

Farah Husain, MD Executive Council Liaison

Marwa Abu El Haija, MBBS Angelina Bernier, MD Aleksander Bernshteyn, MD Allen Browne, MD  Nancy Browne, MS PPCNP-BC FAANP CBN Matias Bruzoni, MD Judy Chen, MD FASMBS Joy Collins, MD  Anita Courcoulas, MD MPH Robert Cywes, MD PhD 

Daniel DeUgarte, MD  Laura Fischer, MD MS FACS FASMBS Jason Fraser, MD FACS FAAP Thomas Inge,…

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Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee

Anthony T. Petrick, MD FASMBS Chair

Tammy Kindel, MD PhD FACS FASMBS Co-Chair

Corrigan McBride, MD MBA FACS DABOM ABS-FPD FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

John W. Baker, MD FASMBS T. Javier Birriel, MD FASMBS Sara Martin Del Campo, MD MS Jennifer Colvin, MD Michael Edwards, MD (Diversity & Inclusion Committee Liaison) Rama Rao Ganga, MBBS MS MRCS Charmaine Gentles, DNP APRN CRNFA Jon Gould, MD, Immediate Past Chair Elizabeth M. Hechenbleikner, MD,…

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