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Gordon Wisbach, MD MBA FACS FASMBS

Joel Brockmeyer, MD FACS FASMBS

Vivian Sanchez, MD

Stacy Brethauer, MD FACS FASMBS
Executive Council Liaison


Eric Ahnfeldt, DO FACS FASMBS, Immediate Past Chair
Jamie Carr, BSN RN CBN
Yong Choi, MD FASMBS
Susan Clark, MD
Dan Eisenberg, MD (VA)
Byron Faler, MD FACS
Kyle Gadbois, MD

Marty Harnisch, MD
Marcelo Hinojosa, MD FASMBS
Kevan Mann, MD
Matt Martin, MD FASMBS
Mike Mulcahy, MD
Robert O’Rourke, MD (VA)
Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS

Richard Peterson, MD MPH FASMBS
Michael Logan Rawlins, MS
Angel Reyes, MD FASMBS
John Paul Sanders, MD
Robert Wilcox, MD
Tamara Worlton, MD
Christopher Yheulon, MD

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Leslie Vinson


The Military Committee supports the uniformed services and their members through ASMBS to provide a collaborative forum committed to improving the care of the bariatric patient within the military/Tricare system and advancing of the science of metabolic and bariatric surgery through a robust research consortium. This committee’s focus is to establish a collective within Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), create uniform pathways among centers and have MBSAQIP participation from sites.


  • To advocate for the health care policy that ensures patient access to high quality prevention and treatment of obesity
  • To foster communication between health professionals on obesity and related conditions
  • To advocate for the health care policy that ensures patient access to high quality prevention and treatment of obesity
  • To be a highly valued specialty society that serves the educational and professional needs of its diverse membership


  • Aid all major MTFs in becoming MBSAQIP accredited
  • Quality improvement initiative with State Chapters, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety and Research Committees
  • Be a consortium to enhance care by sharing information
  • Improve communication between military members and ASMBS
  • Identify needs and opportunities for improvement for MTFs and MEDDACs
  • Offer CME credits to deployed military ASMBS members

Committee Goals


1) Assist ASMBS VA members with bariatric surgery access issues
2) Military member(s) on the new ASMBS Diversity Committee


1) Uniform pathways between military facilities – participate in the ASMBS Quality Improvement Initiative Initial project: Sleeve Gastrectomy Care Path; implement in MTFs when available
2) Create a DHA (Defense Health Agency) policy statement that answers the needs for follow up after bariatric surgery
3) Military Research Collaboration
4) Create centralized, standardized best practices for all military institutions’ bariatric programs
5) Improve access to care for various new bariatric procedures


1) DHA centralized funding and support for Bariatric Centers of Excellence distinction in the Military
2) Continue to discover ways to offer CME to deployed ASMBS military members, i.e., ObesityWeek on Demand at no cost to ASMBS active military members and VA members; discounted registration for ASMBS conferences, online materials
3) MBSAQIP accreditation for all major MTFs utilizing a Clinical Reviewer as data collection administrator for multiple centers
4) Military members to become ASMBS Fellows and MBSAQIP Verified
5) Maintain the updatable document of emails/locations of military bariatric surgeons and VA bariatric surgeons
6) Utilize Military secret Facebook page/repository for shared military documents

Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives

1) Dissolved Access to Care VA Task Force; added 2 VA lead members to this committee and a VA Co-Chair
2) Made contact with Association of VA Surgeons for support in VA centers becoming accredited MBSAQIP centers
3) Email sent to VA contacts asking who, what kind, and volume regarding bariatrics at their centers to compile an updatable VA Bariatrics Network document
4) Discussed adding military members to the Diversity Committee with Dr. Peterson, Co-Chair of committee, at ObesityWeek 2018
5) Implementation of ASMBS Sleeve Care Pathway at military facilities – could interface with MBSAQIP data
6) Continue to obtain updates from committee members assigned to other committees in order to “cross-talk” to participate/achieve goals/prepare MTFs to participate in the ASMBS Quality Improvement Initiative when organized
7) Continue Military Research Task Force utilizing Bariatric Research Resident secured at Beaumont and Eisenhower Army Medical Center to be used at all centers
8) Drafting of IRB registry for innovative bariatric procedures in the Military
9) Naval Medical Center San Diego started a program for Reshape intragastric balloons and is reaching out to Madigan Army Medical Center and Brooke Army Medical Center to start similar programs
10) Interval evaluation at ObesityWeek 2019 where the committee will physically meet and evaluate for common pathways


1) Added VA ASMBS members to the committee; added a VA Co-Chair
2) Successful participation of WBAMC in MBSAQIP as template for implementation of MBSAQIP participation of all major MTFs participation through Defense Healthcare Agency directive; Madigan is now an accredited MBSAQIP center
3) Clinical reviewers secured at the following centers: Madigan, Beaumont, Evans Army Community Hospital, Fort Hood, and Naval Medical Center San Diego
4) DHA’s legal review of MBSAQIP contract completed
5) Private/Closed ASMBS Military Committee Facebook page created and in use
6) Updated Military Bariatric Network this year via quarterly queries to members

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