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Integrated Health Advanced Practice Provider Committee

Karen Flanders, MSN ARNP CBN Chair and IHEC Liaison

Michael Dougherty II, PA-C Co-Chair

Jennifer Wynn

The primary mission of the APP committee is to explore, develop and maintain credentialing and educational offerings for nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical nurse specialists.

The ASMBS Advanced Practice Provider Committee represents nurse practitioners, physician assistants and clinical nurse specialists practicing in the specialty of metabolic and bariatric surgery with at least one member representing…

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Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Farah Husain, MD Chair

Monique Hassan, MD Co-Chair

Teresa LaMasters, MD EC Liaison

Danielle Marsh

Eric Ahnfeldt, MD Folahan Ayoola, MD Clinton Bolton, PhD Kevin Brown, MD Diego Camacho, MD Dana Cantiello, APRN DNP FNP-C Judy Chen, MD Tuesday Cook, MD FACS Michael Edwards, MD Sylvia Herbozo, PhD January Hill, MD Pearl Ma, MD FACS Shaneeta Johnson, MD FACS Crystal Johnson-Mann, MD Neil King, MD

Shauna Levy,…

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Rural Committee

Kevin Helling, MD Chair

Tammy Fouse, DO Co-Chair

John Scott, MD, FACS FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Franklin Bendewald, MD Guillermo Bolaños Avila, MD Kelly Burke, MSN-Ed RN Stephanie Cox, PhD ABPP Bree Dewing, MD Frank Felts, MD FASMBS Rama Rao Ganga, MBBS Luis Garcia, MD FACS MBA, Immediate Past Chair

Magdy Giurgius, MD Brandon Helbling, MD FASMBS Linden Karas, MD Howard McCollister, MD Curtis Peery, MD FASMBS John…

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Video Committee

Arthur Carlin, MD FACS FASMBS Chair

Colleen Kennedy, MD Co-Chair

Richard Peterson MD MPH FACS FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Mustafa Aman, MD Neil Floch, MD Cori McBride, MD FASMBS Emanuel Lo Menzo, MD PhD FASMBS Venkat Modukuru, MD

Keith Scharf, MD FASMBS Andre Teixera, MD FASMBS Aley Tohamy, MD Stuart Verseman, MD FASMBS

Adrian Dan, MD Flavia Soto MD FACS Ian Soriano MD FACS

Danielle Marsh…

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Flexible Endoscopy Committee

Matthew Kroh, MD Chair

Dean Mikami, MD Co-Chair

Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Aaron Carr, MD  Afaneh Cheguevara, MD  A. Daniel Guerron, MD Brooke Henson, RN, BSN, CBN   Leena Khaitan, MD FASMBS Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS  

Eric Marcotte, MD, FASMBS Corrigan McBride, MD FASMBS   John Morton, MD FASMBS Sabrena Noria, MD FASMBS, PhD Ninh Nguyen, MD FASMBS   Jaime Ponce, MD FASMBS   

Aurora Pryor,…

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Military Committee

Gordon Wisbach, MD MBA FACS FASMBS Chair

Joel Brockmeyer, MD FACS FASMBS Co-Chair

Vivian Sanchez, MD Co-Chair

Matthew Brengman, MD Executive Council Liaison

Eric Ahnfeldt, DO FACS FASMBS, Immediate Past Chair Michael Barker, MD FASMBS (VA) Martin Binks, PhD Jamie Carr, BSN RN CBN Susan Clark, MD Dan Eisenberg, MD (VA) Byron Faler, MD FACS

Kyle Gadbois, MD Tricia Goins, RN CBN (VA) Monique Hassan, MD FACS…

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General and Foregut Surgery Committee

Ranjan Sudan, MD FASMBS Chair

Maher El Chaar, MD Co-Chair

Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Sergio Bardaro, MD FASMBS Arunkumar Baskara, MD FASMBS Adam Beall, MD Miguel Burch, MD FASMBS Diego Camacho, MD Shaun Daly, MD Daniel Davis, MD Patrick Domkowski, MD FASMBS Sofiane El Djouzi, MD Neil Floch, MD Victoria Gershuni, MD  

Karen Gibbs, MD FASMBS Anthony Gonzalez, MD Daniel Guerron, MD FASMBS…

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Integrated Health Executive Council

The development and growth of the Integrated Health Section of the ASMBS is rooted in the leadership. Although we have a short history, it has been very rapid and productive. We recognize our past leadership for laying the foundation and being mentors for the present.

The Integrated Health Executive Council (IHEC) is responsible for directing the activities of the Integrated Health Section of the ASMBS, including strategic planning and acting as representatives of their disciplines…

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ASMBS Executive Council

Eric DeMaria, MD, FASMBS President

Matthew Hutter, MD, FASMBS President-Elect

Samer Mattar, MD, FASMBS Past President

Stacy Brethauer, MD, FASMBS Senior Past President

Shanu Kothari, MD, FASMBS Secretary/Treasurer

Wayne English, MD, FASMBS Councilperson-at-Large

Michel Gagner, MD Councilperson-at-Large

Marina Kurian, MD, FASMBS Councilperson-at-Large

Teresa LaMasters, MD Councilperson-at-Large

Rami Lutfi,MD,FACS,FASMBS Councilperson-at-Large

Rachel Moore, MD, FASMBS Councilperson-at-Large

Richard Peterson, MD, FASMBS Councilperson-at-Large

Natan Zundel, MD

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Integrated Health CBN Certification Committee

The CBN Certification Committee is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the specialty of bariatric nursing care by maintaining the CBN certification program.

» William F. Gourash, RN, CRNP, PhD » Jessie M. Moore, MSN, APRN » Karen Flanders, MSN, ARNP, CBN » Sharon Hillgartner, APRN, WHNP-BC, CBN (Leader) » Payal Sharma, RN, CBN » Ruth M. Davis, RN, BSN, MBA (Leader) » Cheryl L. Holsworth, RN, BSN, MSA, CBN » Maureen T. Quigley, APRN »…

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