Integrated Health CBN Certification Committee

Karen Flanders MSN, ARNP, CBN

Ron Permenter, RN

Kellie Armstrong, MSN, RN, CBN
IHSEC Liaison

Karen Groller, PhD RN CV-BC CMSRN
IHSEC Liaison


Shirley Bearden, RN
Heidi Bednarchuk, MSN APRN CNS CBN
Mara Berman, RN BSN MBA CNOR
Laura Boyer, FNP-C, CBN
Veronica Cook, RN MSN
Ruth Davis, RN BSN MBA
Susan Dugan, RN BSN
Nicole Forryan, MS, RN
Teresa Fraker, MS BSN RN
Sharon Hillgartner, RN
Cheryl Holsworth, RN BSN MSA CBN
Tracy Martinez, BSN RN CBN
Monique McLaurin, MSN FNP-BC
Marcela Montemayor, RN, CBN
Carmela Pontillo, RN, MSN, CBN
Bobbie Lou Price, MSN RN CBN
Melissa Rowan, RN BSN CBN
Karen Schulz, MSN CNS CBN
Mary Ellen Sparks, RN CBN

Staff Liaison

  • Morgan Matlock


The Integrated Health Certified Bariatric Nurse (IH CBN) Committee’s mission is to enhance and promote the specialty of bariatric nursing care, to assess the professional competence of practitioners of bariatric nursing and provide the premier credential to professional nurses caring for patients with obesity and bariatric surgical patients.


The IH CBN Committee aims to recognize and certify nurses who possess specialized skills and knowledge required for the delivery of quality patient care for patients with obesity and bariatric surgery patients. 


  • Evaluate the professional competence of nurses in the field of bariatric nursing by evaluating their knowledge, skills, and abilities to ensure the delivery of high-quality patient care.

Rationale: This objective ensures that bariatric nurses possess the necessary competencies to provide high-quality care to bariatric surgery patients. By assessing professional competence, the CBN program maintains standards of excellence and promotes patient safety, ensuring that nurses are well-prepared to deliver optimal care throughout the patient journey.

  • Promote continuous professional development, encouraging lifelong learning among nurses caring for bariatric surgery patients.

Rationale: This objective fosters ongoing skill enhancement and knowledge acquisition ensuring that nurses stay current in advancements in bariatric care, emerging best practices, and evolving patient needs, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes and quality of care.

  • Elevate the specialty recognition and status of bariatric nursing as a specialized field within the nursing profession.

Rationale: This objective acknowledges the unique expertise and contributions of nurses in caring for bariatric surgery patients, promoting greater visibility and respect for bariatric nursing, attracting more nurses to the field and fostering a sense of professional pride and accomplishment.

  • Provide the certification and credential to professional nurses in recognition of their expertise and dedication to bariatric patient care.

Rationale: This objective recognizes bariatric nurses’ expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing exceptional care to bariatric patients and serves as a mark of distinction, signifying specialized knowledge and skills in bariatric nursing and validating nurses’ competency and proficiency in the field. By providing a credential, the CBN program enhances professional credibility, career advancement opportunities, and overall quality of care in bariatric nursing practice.


  • Continuous review and update of certification standards and examination content to ensure alignment with evolving best practices and evidence-based guidelines in metabolic and bariatric surgery nursing care.

Rationale: This goal ensures that CBN-certified nurses remain current and competent in providing optimal care of metabolic and bariatric surgery patients.

  • Prepare for and pursue accreditation for the CBN credential for certified bariatric nurses. 

Rationale: This goal enhances the credibility and value of the CBN credential, signaling commitment to quality and excellence in professional development. 

  • Facilitate, streamline and improve the process for nurses to pursue and obtain the Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN) credential.

Rationale: This goal encourages greater participation and uptake among eligible nurses, expanding the pool of certified professionals in bariatric nursing.

  • Promote awareness of the benefits and value of the CBN credential among nurses, their employers, and healthcare organizations through targeted educational initiatives and promotional campaigns.

Rationale: This goal fosters greater recognition and acceptance of the credential, driving increased participation and support.

  • Expand outreach efforts and collaboration via partnerships with nursing associations, healthcare institutions, and industry stakeholders to facilitate collaboration in advancing metabolic and bariatric surgery nursing care.

Rationale: This goal enhances the visibility and credibility of the CBN program, fostering greater engagement and support from key stakeholders across the healthcare landscape.

  • Revise and update CBN exam preparation educational materials and explore other opportunities for education.

Rational:  This goal provides the most current education to CBN candidates to align with recent practice analysis and updated research in metabolic and bariatric surgery.

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