Mason Lecture Video Archive

2023 David Arterburn, MD, MPH “How Can We Move the Needle on Bariatric Costs, Coverage, and Utilization?”

2022 Edward Sauter, MD PhD MHA “From Bedside to Bench: Translating Clinic Evidence to Scientific Proof that Bariatric Surgery Decreases Cancer Risk”

2021 Jaime Ponce, MD “Honoring Three Pillars of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery”

2019 Philip Schauer, MD “Why We Must Have a Multi-Center RCT for Metabolic Surgery”

2018 Harvey J. Sugerman, MD “My Journey”

2017 Kevin D. Hall, PhD “Why is it so Hard to Lose Weight and Keep it Off? Quantifying the Feedback Circuits Regulating Human Body Weight”

2016 Camillo Ricordi, MD “The perfect nutritional storm and its effect on obesity, chronic degenerative diseases and longevity”

2015 Ted Adams, PhD, MPH “Population-Based Impact of Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery”

2014 Edward E. Mason, MD, PhD “A Tribute to Dr. Edward E. Mason”

2013 Bruce M. Wolfe, MD “Bariatric Surgery and the NIH”

Past Mason Lectures

2012 John Birkmeyer, MD “Strategies for Improving the Quality of Bariatric Surgery”
2011 Michelle Mello, JD, PhD “Legal and Policy Approaches to the Obesity Epidemic”
2010 David B. Hoyt, MD, FACS
2009 Walter J. Pories “The Challenge and Bariatric Manpower”
2008 George L. Blackburn, MD, PhD “Evidence Based Recommendations for Best Practices in Weight Loss Surgery”
2007 Atul Gawande, MD “Better: A Strategy for Raising Performance in Surgery”
2006 Albert J. Stunkard, MD “A Life with Obesity”
2005 Samuel Klein, MD “Medical Management of Obesity”
2004 Thomas R. Russell, MD “Surgery in the Future – What Will Be Expected of all of US?”
2003 Jarl Torgerson, MD “Swedish Obese Subjects: The Report”
2002 Michael Jansen, MD “Where are we going with obesity (as seen by NAASO)?”
2001 Van S. Hubbard, MD “Overweight and Obesity: A National Health Priority”
2000 George S. M. Cowan, Jr., MD “The under-utilitized bariatric Surgery Research Model”
1999 Larry Richardson, MD “Current Pharmacological Treatment of Obesity”
1997 The Honorable William First, MD, Senator “Obesity and Federal Government”
1998 William Castelli, MD “Lessons Learned from the Framingham Study”
1996 Lloyd MacLean, MD “Advances in the Treatment of Obesity”
1995 Carlos A. Pelligrini, MD “Surgical Management of Reflux Esophagitis”
1994 Keith A. Kelly, MD “Motility Disorders after the Roux-en Y Anastomosis”
1993 Ward O. Griffin, MD “Weighty Reporting”
1992 Walter Pories, MD “Adventures in Obesity”
1991 Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD “Partial Ileal Bypass and the POSCH Trial”
1990 Edward R. Woodward, MD “The Learning Curve”
1989 H. William Scott, MD “A Tribute to Edward E. Mason”