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Pioneers in minimally invasive surgical technology, Northgate Technologies Inc. has been manufacturing, designing, and innovating since 1984.

The NEBULAEĀ® I system is a high flow laparoscopic insufflator system that provides a flow rate of up to 50 L per minute of temperature-controlled CO2 gas. It incorporates proprietary True Abdominal Pressure (TAP) technology that provides uninterrupted flow of gas to maintain a robust and consistent pneumoperitoneum. The highly visible, easy-to-use touch screen enables quick setup and provides intraoperative adjustments.

The NEBULAEĀ® Smoke Removal System (SRS) is the only closed-loop laparoscopic smoke removal device that can maintain pneumoperitoneum while removing surgical smoke and contaminants from the patient. Thus using no extra CO2, reducing CO2 gas management and costs. The device is able to pair with any standard luer-connection laparoscopic trocar and any brand insufflator necessary in robotic or laparoscopic procedures that require insufflation and electrocautery.

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Medical Devices for laparscopic procedures – Insufflator System, Surgical Smoke Removal Device & Accessories


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