Baritrax360 was founded in 2006 with a goal of creating a Bariatric specific software product that perfected the process of tracking patients from seminar to surgery. Over the years, leading practice managers and surgeons have had direct input in the program and its features. The users of Baritrax360 are among the most successful practices in the Bariatric surgery industry.

Products and Services

Our software provides the most flexible Workflow tracking system in the Bariatric world. We allow you to build processes that match your practices needs to increase throughput from Initial Contact to Seminar to Surgery and even Postoperatively.

In addition to our workflow tracking, we have a suite of additional tools that are built to help your practice. These include a patient portal integrated into your website, a seminar management piece with built in reminders and so much more.


Patient Tracking Software (SaaS)

Patient Portal Software

Seminar Management

Text Messaging/Telephone Reminders


Practice Branded Mobile App

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