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MD Integrated is a full-service marketing/advertising agency. We specialize in growing medical and wellness brands by integrating all aspects of their branding. From advertising campaigns, social media content, email marketing and even patient/client materials, our team works with you to design messaging that drives leads and helps keep you top of mind with procedures that have longer sales cycles, like bariatric surgery.

Since 2010 we have delivered thousands of leads and helped our clients become some of the most recognized names in their fields. Our backgrounds not only include marketing and advertising, but also medical practice management, so we understand the challenges of keeping your schedules and waiting rooms full. Our open office concept offers us the ability to tackle every challenge as a team. This collaborative environment means you have the benefit of a diverse group of individuals bringing their best experiences together for you.

Marketing isn’t a one-time thing. To continue to see growth, you must always be adding to your messaging. With social media driving a high percentage of leads, you need a partner that understands the platforms, can create content that gets attention and understands your business. If you are interested in growing your practice and remaining competitive in an ever-changing market, it’s time to partner with a proven bariatric marketing agency. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

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