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The seca body composition scale represents a breakthrough in monitoring weight loss journeys for patients, offering unparalleled precision and ease of use. At its core, this cutting-edge device delivers accurate data through a simplified 24-second scan, seamlessly integrating into existing clinical workflows without causing any disruptions. What sets the seca scale apart is its comprehensive approach to tracking a patient’s progress. It goes beyond mere weight measurement, providing detailed insights into various aspects of body composition. This includes metrics like fat mass, muscle mass, and water content, crucial for understanding the overall health and progress of a patient.

seca’s body composition data allows providers to keep patients in weight management programs engaged and motivated to continue with their treatment. Insight into changes in body fat, muscle mass, and water allow patients to see the results of their efforts and optimize their success. As ASMBS members in surgical/medical practices, you are increasingly able to help patients lose weight through interdisciplinary programs, you need validated tools to help patients measure their success beyond the scale. Body composition assessment helps practitioners who work with patients to prevent and treat obesity by using data to show progress.

Body composition parameters give clinicians better tools than just weight and BMI to individualize treatment plans and measure outcomes. For centers accredited by MBSAQIP with Obesity Medicine Designation, body fat percentage initially and changes over time must be reported and can be done using seca’s scientifically validated medical body composition device, which are 97% accurate when compared with a whole body MRI for muscle mass and the 4-Compartment Model for fat mass/fat-free mass.

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