Bariatric Centers of America

Bariatric Centers of America is a program management platform digitizing the bariatric care journey.
Comprised of the BariTotalCare Package, BariLead, BariNav, and BariSuccess, we deliver integrated solutions
to help programs strengthen their brand, grow surgical volume, and better serve their patients through a blend of smart technologies.

BariLead: Targeted digital marketing that increases patient demand through a dedicated inbound marketing
approach to reach patients in all stages of consideration and nurture them to their first visit.

BariNav: Bariatric patient navigation and pipeline management to improve conversion rates through a
sophisticated patient navigation system customized to fit your program’s requirements, not the other way

BariSuccess: Post-operative care management to improve long-term outcomes. A digital scale and activity
monitoring are connected to custom workflows to ensure weight loss and patient encouragement. Integrates
with our BariNav system to alert providers and staff when a patient falls off track. *Bariatric programs can get
reimbursed for RPM codes.

Products & Services Offered

BCA is a bariatric program management platform that digitizes and automates bariatric workflows to enable clinicians and caregivers to provide more efficient and better care. Our solutions include:

● Bariatric pipeline management
● Automated appointment reminders
● SMS messaging capabilities
● Reporting and data analytics
● Referral management
● Prior-authorization/utilization management
● Seamless integration with marketing tools and website
● Remote patient monitoring interface


Bariatric Program Development, Patient Tracking Software

Target Market

Bariatric Programs / Bariatric Surgeons

Contact Information

Bariatric Centers of America
2801 Washington Road, Suite 107 #290
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