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Celebrate Vitamins

Celebrate Vitamins is a market leader in nutritional supplements intended specifically for weight loss patients. Celebrate offers a wide variety of supplements in different forms and flavors, so you can find the perfect Celebrate products for you. Celebrate always offers the highest quality and meets ASMBS guidelines, while keeping products delicious and affordable and offering supreme customer service. Celebrate is committed to patient education, in order to help you make choices based on guidelines and personal needs and preferences. As well as being dedicated to helping individual patients, Celebrate actively engages in and gives back to the weight loss community by supporting organizations and through the vitamin assistance program Celebrate Assist.

Products Offered

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, Protein Supplements, Medical Weight Loss, Wholesale Programs, Patient Education, Patient Support and Social Networking


Nutrition, Supplements, Patient Education, Patient Support

Contact Information

Laura Preston
Marketing Manager
877-424-1953 Ext. 533 Fax: 330-319-8209

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