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Through our network of therapists across the country we specialize in providing high quality, thorough behavioral assessments for patients requiring an evaluation and for companies and physicians requesting an assessment as part of their protocol. We also offer bariatric counseling to our patients to help them achieve their weight loss goals through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy among other therapeutic modalities.

Benefits of Behavioral Assessments While we began our journey by offering pre-surgical evaluations, we recognized the value that we can bring to many other areas given that our process makes an assessment more accessible, convenient, and cost effective. Whether it is requested from an insurance company or as an extra layer of due-diligence, behavioral screenings can help assure correct diagnosis, identify risks for poor outcomes, and suggest effective treatment and follow-up services. Even outside of healthcare procedures, behavioral assessments can be a very useful tool for organizations to understand the mindset of a prospective hire and uncover potential red flags to assure the proper fit.

• Identify Risks
• Understand Goals
• Improve Outcomes
• Reduce Liability
• Reduce Costs

Benefits of Bariatric Counseling

After weight loss surgery, patients still require hard work and life-long behavioral change in order to successfully lose and maintain weight. This is because their unhealthy habits have evolved over many years and therefore may not just disappear overnight. Many patients: • Have a hard time sticking to the recommendations. • Are not feeling happy and healthy or are experiencing depression or anxiety.

• Have body image concerns.
• Have family concerns at home (e.g., meal issues, food in the house, need support regarding exercise).
• Isolate themselves from friends and family rather than going to social events.
• Drink too much alcohol instead of eating.
• Are not sure if they have the skills to be on their own for this new world of eating.

Our fully licensed team of therapists can help guide patients struggling with these issues and more by using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and measurable goals. Each patient will work with their therapist to utilize a tailored plan to help achieve their weight loss goals.

Our seamless process to refer and access to care has helped thousands of patients get through the approval process for bariatric surgery as well as receive vital support after such a life-changing procedure.

Products & Services Offered

Psychological evaluations

Pre and post-op counseling


Bariatric Program Development, Mental Health Assessment and Counseling, Patient Education, Patient Support

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