ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training: Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows

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The Fellowship Certificate Application Window is Currently OPEN

Applications Accepted June 1, 2015 through August 1, 2015.

All applications must include all items below to be accepted as complete:

Important curriculum updates are highlighted below:

  • Documentation is now required for “Evaluation Requirements”. (Non-operative patient encounters; ie. Pre-op evaluations, in-patient encounters, out-patient evaluations) Please use the Patient Evaluation Log Sheet above.
  • Documentation is required for “Performance Assessment Synopsis: The Program Director will be responsible for conducting at least 2 fellow performance assessment interviews and providing the ASMBS with a brief synopsis of the meeting.”

Recipients of the ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows


  • Abe Fridman, MD
  • Ali Aminian, MD
  • Aliu Sanni, MD
  • Allison Marie Barrett, MD
  • Amani Munshi, MD
  • Amit Taggar, MD
  • Amrit Rambhajan, MD
  • Andrew A. Taitano, MD
  • Cheryl Lin, MD
  • Chi Zhang, MD
  • Danny Liu, MD
  • Darell Doucette, MD
  • David Parker, MD
  • Debbie Wong, MD
  • Diane Kwan, MD
  • Dilendra Haritha Weerasinghe, MD
  • Eduardo L. Chinea-Amadeo, MD
  • Eleisha D. Flanagan, MD
  • Elias Darido, MD
  • Eric Marcotte, MD
  • Eric Sheu, MD
  • Erica Podolsky, MD
  • Erin Moran Atkin, MD
  • Erina Kansakar, MD
  • Hector R. Romero Talam√°s, MD
  • Hernan Urrego, MD
  • Henry Lin, MD
  • Hideharu Shimizu, MD
  • Houssein Haidar Ahmad, MD
  • Hrishikesh Nerkar, MD
  • Iman Ghaderi, MD
  • Irene Lo, MD
  • James Andrew Rydlewicz, MD
  • James Patrick Ryan, MD

  • John Dewey Boyd Dockins, MD
  • Jonathan Kirk H Arad, MD
  • Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD
  • Judy Chen, MD
  • Kamran Samakar, MD
  • Lan Vu, MD
  • Lawrence Tabone, MD
  • Lora Melman, MD
  • Marel R. Ver, MD
  • Matthew Drake Spann, MD
  • Michael A. Russo, MD
  • Michael Allen Burchett, DO
  • Michael Logan Rawlins, MD
  • Moaz Abulfaraj, MD
  • Mohammad Jamal, MD
  • Mujjahid Abbas, MBBS
  • Nicholas Gaudet, MD
  • Nojan Toomari, MD
  • Paul Thomas Cartwright, MD
  • Reginald Griffin, MD
  • Richard J. Parent, MD
  • Robert J Aragon, MD
  • Ronak Jayant Patel, DO
  • Shireesh Saurabh, MD
  • Steven Sung-Yul Chang, MD
  • Tarek Waked, MD
  • Travis McKenzie, MD
  • Umer I. Chaudhry, MD
  • Venkata K Kella, MD
  • Viet Phuong, MD
  • Vikas Singhal, MD
  • Vikram R Vattipally, MD
  • William James Haberlin II, MD
  • Yagnik Pandya, MD
  • Yijun Chen, MD
  • Zhamak Khorgami, MD