ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training: Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows

If you are inquiring about becoming a Fellow of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery, please click here.

The Fellowship Council 2016 application and Matching Process for Advanced GI, Bariatric, Flexible Endoscopy, HPB, and Advanced GI MIS fellowships application deadline is February 16, 2016. Applicants should visit for additional information.

The 2015 Fellowship Certificate Application Window is Currently CLOSED
Applications for 2016 will be Accepted in Summer of 2016

The ASMBS fellowship certificate program serves to recognize surgeons who have completed their training and who have met the educational requirements needed to practice safe and effective bariatric surgery (according to fellowship training curriculum established by ASMBS).

The objective is for these certificates to add merit to surgeons beginning their careers in the field by emphasizing their ability to adequately perform metabolic and bariatric surgery. This program has been endorsed by the Executive Council of the ASMBS.

For information about Fellowship Council accredited programs, go to the Fellowship Council’s website.

All applications must include all items below to be accepted as complete:

  • Completed Fellowship Application Form, signed by applicant’s Program Director pdf doc
  • ASMBS Fellowship Sign-off Sheet pdf doc
  • Applicant’s curriculum vitae
  • Summary of Fellowship Council case logs (downloadable from your Fellowship Council account)
  • Patient Evaluation Case Logs pdf doc
  • Outline of applicant’s educational curriculum of the fellowship program

Important curriculum updates are highlighted below:

  • Documentation is now required for Evaluation Requirements. Non-operative patient encounters include pre-op evaluations, in-patient encounters, and out-patient evaluations. Please use the Patient Evaluation Log Sheet above.
  • Documentation is required for Performance Assessment Synopsis. The curriculum document now reads: The Program Director will be responsible for conducting at least 2 fellow performance assessment interviews and providing the ASMBS with a brief synopsis of the meeting.

Recipients of the ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows


  • Abe Fridman, MD
  • Ali Aminian, MD
  • Aliu Sanni, MD
  • Allison Marie Barrett, MD
  • Amani Munshi, MD
  • Amit Taggar, MD
  • Amrit Rambhajan, MD
  • Andrew A. Taitano, MD
  • Cheryl Lin, MD
  • Chi Zhang, MD
  • Danny Liu, MD
  • Darell Doucette, MD
  • David Parker, MD
  • Debbie Wong, MD
  • Diane Kwan, MD
  • Dilendra Haritha Weerasinghe, MD
  • Eduardo L. Chinea-Amadeo, MD
  • Eleisha D. Flanagan, MD
  • Elias Darido, MD
  • Eric Marcotte, MD
  • Eric Sheu, MD
  • Erica Podolsky, MD
  • Erin Moran Atkin, MD
  • Erina Kansakar, MD
  • Hector R. Romero Talam√°s, MD
  • Hernan Urrego, MD
  • Henry Lin, MD
  • Hideharu Shimizu, MD
  • Houssein Haidar Ahmad, MD
  • Hrishikesh Nerkar, MD
  • Iman Ghaderi, MD
  • Irene Lo, MD
  • James Andrew Rydlewicz, MD
  • James Patrick Ryan, MD
  • John Dewey Boyd Dockins, MD
  • Jonathan Kirk H Arad, MD
  • Joshua D. Pfeiffer, MD
  • Judy Chen, MD
  • Kamran Samakar, MD
  • Lan Vu, MD
  • Lawrence Tabone, MD
  • Lora Melman, MD
  • Marel R. Ver, MD
  • Matthew Drake Spann, MD
  • Michael A. Russo, MD
  • Michael Allen Burchett, DO
  • Michael Logan Rawlins, MD
  • Moaz Abulfaraj, MD
  • Mohammad Jamal, MD
  • Mujjahid Abbas, MBBS
  • Nicholas Gaudet, MD
  • Nojan Toomari, MD
  • Paul Thomas Cartwright, MD
  • Reginald Griffin, MD
  • Richard J. Parent, MD
  • Robert J Aragon, MD
  • Ronak Jayant Patel, DO
  • Shireesh Saurabh, MD
  • Steven Sung-Yul Chang, MD
  • Tarek Waked, MD
  • Travis McKenzie, MD
  • Umer I. Chaudhry, MD
  • Venkata K Kella, MD
  • Viet Phuong, MD
  • Vikas Singhal, MD
  • Vikram R Vattipally, MD
  • William James Haberlin II, MD
  • Yagnik Pandya, MD
  • Yijun Chen, MD
  • Zhamak Khorgami, MD