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ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training  in
Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery 
for Fellows

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Note: Core Curriculum for the ASMBS Fellowship Training Certificate Program has been revised

Bariatric Surgery Training Committee Update September 5, 2012 Top 5 on the 5th

During the Executive Committee’s August 2012 meeting the suggested updated Core Curriculum for ASMBS Fellowship Training as formulated by the Bariatric Surgery Training Committee was approved.

Important changes are highlighted below. Click here for a copy of the updated Core Curriculum.
(Fellowship Sign-off Sheet and Patient Evaluation Log below)

  • Cognitive and didactic area requires more validation from the Program Director (PD) including a Fellowship Sign Off Sheet that can be used for this required documentation.
  • Added a #18 to the didactic area; Role of Endoscopy in Bariatric Surgery and noted that “Fellows should also have an exposure to endoscopy (as attested by the Program Director eventually to be evaluated by a competency tool effective 2014.)”
  • Clarified the Research project area: Fellows are expected to conduct research and are expected to complete at least one clinical and/or research project during the fellowship and submitted to a National or Regional Society. The research project need not be accepted for presentation by the conference or for publication in the journal to which it was submitted.
  • Added one patient educational seminar to multi-disciplinary training in addition to attending one support group meeting and participating in regular multidisciplinary conferences.
  • IMPORTANTLY the Surgical Operation Requirements have changed to:
    • 50 stapling/anastomotic operations clarified to “50 intestinal bypass operations (Roux  en Y Gastric bypass or Biliopancreatic Diversion +/- Duodenal Switch)”
    • At least 10 purely restrictive operations changed to “a combined total of 10 Restrictive operations (Sleeve Gastrectomy operations and/or Adjustable Gastric Banding procedures”
    • 5 open procedures changed to “5 Revisional procedures; and exposure to and/or extensive teaching of bariatric-specific emergency procedures (leaks, bowel obstructions, internal hernias, intussusceptions, gastrointestinal hemorrhage and ulcers), as deemed adequate by the program director to establish competence in managing these complications.”
  • Documentation is now required for “Evaluation Requirements”. (Non-operative patient encounters; ie. Pre-op evaluations, in-patient encounters, out-patient evaluations)
  • Documentation required for “Performance Assessment Synopsis: The Program Director will be responsible for conducting at least 2 fellow performance assessment interviews and providing the ASMBS with a brief synopsis of the meeting.


2012-2013 Awardees of the ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows:

Gustavo E. Bello, MD
Dustin M. Bermudez, MD
Elliott R. Brill, MD
Silas M. Chikunguwo, MD Phd
Stephen A. Dada, MD
Sofiane El Djouzi, MD MS FRCS
Richard K. Englehardt, MD
Matthew M. Fourman, MD
Luke M. Funk, MD MPH
Hsinjo Ruby Gatschet, MD
Miller C Hamrick, MD
Marcelo W Hinjosa, MD
Aliyah Kanji, MD
Zeid Keilani, MD
Robert J. Kelly Jr. , MD
Omar Y. Kudsi, MD MBA
Michael J. Lee, MD
Girish Luthra, MBBS
Cyrus R. Moon, MD
Daniel Moon , MD
Siva P. Mullangi, MD
Vladan N. Obradovic, MD
Maurice-Pierre Page, MD
Lucian Panait, MD
Myron S. Powell, MD
Jason M. Radecke, MD
Stelios Rekkas, MD
Masoud Rezvani, MD
Franchell Richard-Hamilton, MD
Jason F. Richardson, MD
Lane A. Ritter, MD
Ariel E. Rodriguez , MD
Kourosh Sarkhosh, MD MSc FRCSC
Keith R. Scharf, DO
Manish Singh, MD
Vasanth Stalin, MD
Andrew Standerwick, MD
Brian Sung, MD
Andre Teixeira, MD
Joerg Zehetner, MD MMM
Linda P. Zhang, MD

2011  Awardees of the ASMBS Certificate of Acknowledgement of Satisfactory Training in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for Fellows:

Bestoun H. Ahmed, MD
Mohanbabu Alaparthi, MD
Farhad Anoosh, MD
Alaa Alhazmi, MD
Ramy Awad, MD
Dan E. Azagury, MD
Au H. Bui, MD
Eugene P. Ceppa, MD
Alian G. Garay, MD
Jacob A. Greenberg, MD, EdM
P. Sahle Griffith, MD
Isam N. Hamdallah, MD
Ali Hazrati, MD, MSc
Drew D. Howard, MD
Mustafa Hussain, MD
Bilal Kharbutli, MD
Hubert D. Kim, MD
Nicole A. Kissane, MD
Eric D. Knapp, DO
Jeffrey Lin, MD
John G. Linn, MD
James M. Lopes, MD
Kalyana C. Nandipati, MD
Sheetal Nijhawan, MD
Kristin M. Noonan, MD
Sabrena F. Noria, MD, PhD
Philip A. Omotosho, MD
Nirav R. Rana, MD
Roderick J. Romero, MD
Mir Ramin Roohipour, MD
David A. Santos, MD
Rupa Seetharamaiah, MD
Benjamin D. Shadle, MD
Hazem Shamseddeen, MD
Amir Shariff, MD
Sean Sheff, MD
Jay M. Snow, MD
Flavia C. Soto, MD
Deepu Sudhakaran, MD
Bala Gangadhara R. Thatigotla, MD
Oliver A. Varban, MD
Nicholas Verdura, MD
Sharon L. Williams, MD
Eyad M. Wohaibi, MD
Wai Ming Andy Yeung, MD
Jorge Luis Zelada Getty, MD

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