Video Committee

Alan Saber, MD Chair Timothy B. Ehrlich, MD Co-Chair Arthur Carlin, MD Co-Chair Ninh Nguyen, MD Executive Council Liaison Venkat Mudoru, MD Sanjani Shah, MD Aley Tohami, MD

Tom Rogula, MD Keith Scharf, MD Emanuel lo Menzo, MD

Neil Floch, MD Stuart Verseman, MD Andre Teixeira, MD

Sara Bayles

The Video Committee is charged with advancing the surgical techniques for metabolic & bariatric surgery and improve the care and treatment of…

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Flexible Endoscopy Committee

Bipan Chand, MD FASMBS Chair Matthew Kroh, MD Co-Chair Dean Mikami, MD Co-Chair Marina Kurian, MD FASMBS Executive Council Liaison

Aaron Carr, MD  Afaneh Cheguevara, MD   Brooke Henson, RN, BSN, CBN   Leena Khaitan, MD FASMBS Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS   Corrigan McBride, MD FASMBS   John Morton, MD FASMBS    Ninh Nguyen, MD FASMBS   Jaime Ponce, MD FASMBS Aurora Pryor, MD FASMBS       Kevin Reavis, MD   Nabil Tariq, MD FASMBS   Kevin Wasco, MD FASMBS   Erik…

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Military Committee

Eric Ahnfeldt, DO FACS FASMBS Chair Gordon Wisbach, MD MBA FACS FASMBS Co-Chair Stacy Brethauer, MD FACS FASMBS Executive Council Liaison Joel Brockmeyer, MD Jay Bucci, MD PhD RAC CIP Jamie Carr, BSN RN CBN Yong Choi, MD FASMBS Susan Clark, MD Byron Faler, MD FACS Kyle Gadbois, MD Marty Harnisch, MD Rob Lim, MD FASMBS Henry Lin, MD Kevan Mann, MD Matt Martin, MD FASMBS Mike Mulcahy, MD Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS Richard Peterson,…

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General and Foregut Surgery Committee

Anthony Petrick, MD FASMBS Chair Aurora Pryor, MD FASMBS Co-Chair Ranjan Sudan, MD FASMBS Co-Chair and Executive Council Liaison

Adam Beall, MD  Peter Benotti, MD   Miguel Burch, MD FASMBS   Diego Camacho, MD   Patrick Domkowski, MD   Sofiane El Djouzi, MD   Neil Floch, MD  Anthony Gonzalez, MD  

Colleen Kennedy, MD FASMBS Adolfo Leyva-Alvizo, MD    Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD FASMBS   Alexander Onopchenko, MD  David Parker, MD   John Romanelli, MD  


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Obesity Prevention Committee

Stephen Archer, MD Chair Robert Woodbury, MD Co-Chair Aurora Pryor, MD Executive Council Liaison

Anthony Gonzalez, MD Colleen Kennedy, MD Christine Bauer, RN, MSN, CBN Leslie Heinberg, MD Shanu Kothari, MD

Stacy Brethauer, MD Eric DeMaria, MD Rosa Cataldo, DO Julie Kim, MD David Podkameni, MD Samer Mattar, MD Ann Rodgers, MD

Ranjan Sudan, MD Lillian Craggs-Dino, RD Kirk Reichard, MD Miguel Burch, MD Paul Wizman, MD Naif Alenazi, MD…

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Integrated Health Executive Council

Karen Flanders, MSN, ARNP, CBN IH President Christine Bauer, MSN, RN, CBN IH Past President Laura Andromalos, MS, RD, LDN IH Member-at-Large Nathanial Sann, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC IH Member-at-Large Pamela Davis, MBA, BSN, RN, CBN IH President-Elect Karen Schulz, MSN, CNS, CBN IH Senior Past President Lynn Bolduc, MS, RD, LD, CDE IH Member-at-Large Stephanie Sogg, PhD IH Member-at-Large Sue Cummings, MS, RD IH Secretary Samer Mattar, MD, FASMBS EC Liaison Lisa Luz, MSN, RN,…

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ASMBS Executive Council

John Morton, MD President

Raul Rosenthal, MD President-Elect

Ninh Nguyen, MD Past President

Jaime Ponce, MD Senior Past President

Stacy Brethauer, MD Secretary/Treasurer Eric DeMaria, MD Councilperson-At-Large

Matthew Hutter, MD Councilperson-At-Large

Alfons Pomp, MD Councilperson-At-Large

David Provost, MD Councilperson-At-Large

Aurora Pryor, MD Councilperson-At-Large Ranjan Sudan, MD Councilperson-At-Large

Christine Bauer, RN, MSN, CBN IH President

Karen Flanders, MSN, ARNP IH President-Elect

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Integrated Health CBN Certification Committee

The CBN Certification Committee is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the specialty of bariatric nursing care by maintaining the CBN certification program.

William F. Gourash, MSN, CRNP

Jessie M. Moore, MSN, APRN

Lisa Luz, MSN, RN, CBN

Tammy E. Beaumont, BSN, RN-BC, CBN (Leader) Renee J. O’Daniel, RN, MSN, CBN James D. Meyer BS, RN, CBN

Ruth M. Davis, RN, BSN, MBA (Leader) Jessie M. Moore, MSN, APRN Alice J. Jackson NP-C, CBN Cheryl L….

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Integrated Health Support Group Committee

The mission of the Support Group committee is to promote the development of the concept of support groups in the care of bariatric surgical patient; identify the needs of support group leaders and develop strategies to meet these needs; identify, develop and distribute resources for support groups and support group leaders; and encourage the exchange of ideas and networking among support group leaders.

» Support group leader manual-update, revision and completion » Support group leader/participant…

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Integrated Health Multidisciplinary Care Committee

The mission of the committee is to provide evidence-based support for the role of the team members in the care of long-term success of the bariatric surgical patient. The committee is comprised of each integrated team member including exercise, behavioral health, nursing, nutrition, surgery, and obesity medicine.

» Identify program coordinators to facilitate survey completion » Send survey and get a high  number of IH members to complete the survey » Analyses of data collected and…

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