CBN Re-Certification FAQ

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What is CBN Re-Certification?

After a period of 4 years the CBN certificate and credential expire. Certificants are responsible for maintaining and updating their skills through continuing education or retaking the CBN Exam. Certified Bariatric Nurses may maintain this credential by submitting the required documentation and information for re-certification or obtaining a passing grade on the CBN exam.

When does a CBN become eligible for re-certification?

Current Certified Bariatric Nurses are eligible to begin the re-certification process within 12 months of the expiration of their certification. All submissions to ASMBS for re-certification must be completed within the 12 months following expiration of the certification.

What are the CBN Re-Certification requirements?

Only current Certified Bariatric Nurses are eligible for re-certification. Re-Certifying CBNs must continue to meet the criteria for certification, have a minimum of 1000 hours of professional practice of nursing care of Metabolic and Bariatric surgery patients, predominately in the bariatric surgery process (i.e., pre-operative, peri-operative or post-operative/follow-up care). Additionally, certificants must choose a re-certification method and fulfill the requirements of it. All re-certification activities must take place within the 48 months preceding the expiration of the certification.

What are “Re-Certification Methods”?

“Re-Certification Methods” are the options for fulfillment of the requirements for CBN Re-Certification.

What CBN Re-Certification Methods are available?

There are currently two re-certification methods available:
Option 1: Re-testing (re-take and pass the CBN exam)
Option 2: Continuing Education/Professional Development

Regardless of the chosen re-certification method, all re-certification activities must take place within the 48 months preceding the expiration of certification.

More detailed information regarding re-certification requirements can be found in the re-certification section of the CBN Handbook.

How Do I Re-certify?

All recertification applications will be completed online at and reviewed for approval by the CBN Recertification Subcommittee. Reviews with this new system will be processed when complete, however some applications may require committee review which is conducted at least quarterly. To avoid a lapse in certification, it is highly recommended that the recertification application be submitted as early as possible.

Do I have to complete my re-certification information all at one time?

No. The three-step re-certification process can be completed in segments. Registration must be completed in one visit. This step includes completion of your demographic and professional information. Selection and submission of a re-certification method and fulfillment information can be completed in as many visits as are needed. Attestation and payment are the final step in the process; these conclude your submissions and initiate ASMBS’ review of your re-certification application. This final step must be completed in one visit.

What are the costs associated with re-certification?

Early Recertification Application Fee (up to 120 days before expiration)

Regular Recertification Application Fee (Within 120 days of expiration)

Late Recertification Fee (up to 365 days after CBN expiration)
ASMBS Members$250


I would like more information regarding CBN Re-Certification. Who do I contact?

Additional information is available in the re-certification section of the CBN Handbook.. Answers to the majority of re-certification inquiries can be found in this booklet. Inquiries not addressed in the CBN Re-Certification Booklet and not pertaining to the CBN exam can be submitted to

All correspondence and requests for information concerning CBN examination application processing and the administration of the certification examinations should be directed to:

18000 W. 105th Street
Olathe, KS 66061
p. 888.519.9901
f. 913.895.4651

We have had many requests for “statistics” on the CBN examinations – such as the number who passed and failed. Our official policy is not to release any further information at this time for reasons of confidentiality and the accreditation process.