CBN Re-Certification

Eligibility Requirements for Re-Certification

CBNs interested in re-certifying must continue to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) in one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. A valid license number must be included with your re-certification application. Acceptable international nurses’ licensure will be determined on an individual basis by the ASMBS.
  2. Must also have a minimum of 1000 hours of professional practice (within the preceding 48 months) of nursing care of morbidly obese and bariatric surgery patients, predominately in the bariatric surgery process (i.e., pre-operative, peri-operative or post-operative/follow-up care).
  3. Must hold a current certificate from ASMBS as a Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN).
  4. Additionally, candidates must submit information showing achievement of a CBN Re-Certification method. There are currently two re-certification methods available:
    Option 1: Re-testing (re-take and pass the CBN exam)
    Option 2: Continuing Educaton/Professional Development

    Professional development options are outlined below:

We have changed from a system that utilized the currency of continuing education contact hours to one that utilizes professonal development points, with the goal of increasing the number and flexibility in professional development activities. All the prior establishied recertification activities are included in addition to a few new ones.

All continuing educaton and professional development recertification approaches will require a totoal of 80 points.

All approaches will require at least 40 points (or one-half) to be attained by continuing education contact hours. However, now you will be able to mix and match other professional development activities that make up the second half of the 80 points.
(A) 80 points attained by 80 contact hours of continuing education,
(B) 40 points by contact hours of continuing education and 40 points by combinations of the following professional development activities:

  1. Additional contact hours of continuing education (1 contact hour = 1 point; 1 CEU/CME = 1 contact hour = 1 point)
  2. Presentations (one hour of presentation time = 20 points)
  3. Academic Credits – up to 40 points (1 quarter credit = 6.67 points and 1 semester credit = 10 points)
  4. Primary Preceptor for student nurse refresher course, or internship program (60 hours of preceptorship = 40 points)
  5. Authorship/Publication – must be in journals/fields/publications related to certification specialty
    • Peer-reviewed Journal article = 40 points
    • Non-Peer-reviewed journal articles = 10 points
    • E-Learning/Media publication = 40 points
    • Grant proposal = 40 points
    • Book Chapter = 40 points
    • Abstract submitted and accepted for poster or presentation = 20 points
  6. Peer Review for Journal = 10 points per review
  7. Professional Organization Service – 2 years of service on international, national or state committee/task force/board = 20 points

Please see the CBN Candidate Handbook for the specific details regarding each of these professional development activities.

Regardless of the chosen re-certification method, all re-certification activities must take place within the 48 months preceding the expiration of certification.

All recertification applications will be completed online at and reviewed for approval by the CBN Recertification Subcommittee. Reviews with this new system will be processed when complete, however some applications may require committee review which is conducted at least quarterly. To avoid a lapse in certification, it is highly recommended that the recertification application be submitted as early as possible.

Other Re-Certification Resources

Eligibility for CBN Re-Certification requires adherence to the ASMBS Standards of Conduct. Candidates are required to confirm acceptance of a statement on the application form that they understand violations of the ASMBS Standards of Conduct may result in loss of eligibility for CBN certification. Verification of all above requirements must be provided upon request.

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