Eligibility Requirements for Re-Certification

CBNs interested in re-certifying must continue to meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) in one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico. A valid license number must be included with your re-certification application. Acceptable international nurses’ licensure will be determined on an individual basis by the ASMBS.

  2. Must also have a minimum of 1000 hours of professional practice (within the preceding 48 months) of nursing care of morbidly obese and bariatric surgery patients, predominately in the bariatric surgery process (i.e., pre-operative, peri-operative or post-operative/follow-up care).

  3. Must hold a current certificate from ASMBS as a Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN).

Additionally, candidates must submit information showing achievement of a CBN Re-Certification method. There are currently two re-certification methods available: Re-testing (re-take and pass the CBN exam) or Professional Development. Professional development options are outlined below:

  1. 80 Contact Hours of Continuing Education
  2. 40 Hours of Continuing Education and a Minimum of 2 Presentations Totaling at Least 2 Hours
  3. 40 Hours of Continuing Education and 1 Published Article
  4. 40 Hours of Continuing Education and 4 Academic Credits
  5. 40 contact hours of continuing education AND 60 hours preceptorship of a RN student

Regardless of the chosen re-certification method, all re-certification activities must take place within the 48 months preceding the expiration of certification.

Other Re-Certification Resources

Eligibility for CBN Re-Certification requires adherence to the ASMBS Standards of Conduct. Candidates are required to confirm acceptance of a statement on the application form that they understand violations of the ASMBS Standards of Conduct may result in loss of eligibility for CBN certification. Verification of all above requirements must be provided upon request.

Ready to Re-Certify?

Review the Recertification section of the CBN Handbook.
Within 12 months of the expiration of your certification you may:

  • Submit CBN Re-Certification Requirement Information You may visit this site as often as you like within 12 months of the expiration of your certification to submit re-certification information. Each individual educational event should be entered individually. Each time you click “submit” you will receive an email confirmation and a snapshot of your information.

    All submissions are maintained based on your CBN Certificate Number and this information must be accurate for submissions to be valid. Submissions entered under an incorrect CBN Certificate Number will not be included in your review.

  • Request Review of CBN Re-Certification Submissions Once all re-certification information has been submitted, you will be directed to contact the ASMBS office to make payment. Payment due varies based on your ASMBS membership status, and when you re-certify.You can submit payment anytime after you submit materials. Please note that even if you are waiting to be reviewed, payment must be made before your expiration date or fees will increase. Price information can be found on page 27 of the handbook There is a lower fee for submitting your re-certification materials and payment prior to 120 days before expiration. The fee will increase after after expiration.

  • Review of Submissions and Timeline Upon receipt of payment, ASMBS will compile your submissions and initiate review of your request for CBN Re-Certification. Submissions are reviewed quarterly throughout the year. Applications will be reviewed during the following windows.

Submissions completed by February 28, Review Completed End of March.

Submissions completed by April 30, Review Completed End of May.

Submissions completed by August 31, Review Completed End of September.

Submissions completed by October 31, Review Completed Beginning of December.

After the review completion, please allow one week for notification of review status.

Get Started

Click the link below and follow the instructions provided to complete your CBN Re-Certification.