Course Endorsement

ASMBS Policy on the Endorsement of Courses

The policy regarding ASMBS endorsement or support for courses, programs, or events given outside the auspices of the ASMBS is as follows:

  1. Decisions regarding support or endorsement of non-ASMBS courses, programs, and other events are ultimately at the sole discretion of the Executive Council.
  2. ASMBS may endorse or support educational and other programs or events of interest pertaining to the treatment of obesity and related conditions provided all three of the following conditions are met:
    a. the course, program or event is presented/organized by an organization or group, preferably non-profit, whose mission is primarily educational or, in the view of the ASMBS Executive Council, consistent with the ASMBS mission ; and
    b. the ASMBS has appropriate input regarding the design, content formulation, faculty designation, and other organizational aspects of the program, or of a session within the program to be sponsored by ASMBS; and
    c. the course or program does not conflict with the strategic goals, mission, policies, positions and/or programs of ASMBS.
  3. ASMBS may endorse courses where the subject matter is beyond the primary mission of the ASMBS yet, in the ASMBS Executive Council’s view; its objectives are germane to the treatment of obesity and related conditions.

Application Fee (per course)


Application Review

  1. A decision will be made within 60 days after the ASMBS office has received a complete application with fee. Program directors wishing endorsement in time to print it as part of the advance program or course material must allow sufficient time for the approval process. Applications must be submitted 6 months in advance of the course date.
  2. Endorsement applies to a single activity and is valid only for the dates included on this application.

Endorsement Benefits

  1. Use of the ASMBS logo on materials for this activity only
  2. Listing on ASMBS Website Meetings of Interest
  3. Advertisement in Top 5 on the 5th


For additional information contact ASMBS at or call (352) 331-4900.

Course Endorsement Application (online) Credit Card

Course Endorsement Application by Mail Credit Card or Check