ASMBS International Accreditation Certificate

ASMBS International Accreditation Certificate

ASMBS recognizes a need articulated by many surgeons across the world for certification by ASMBS, which could add value to their practice. This certification can serve as a prestigious additional qualification for Surgeons who have dedicated their practice to Obesity and Metabolic Surgery.

ASMBS International Accreditation Certificate Exam (AICE)

The exam is scheduled for Monday, June 10th (late afternoon) and must be taken in person at the ASMBS Annual Meeting (online testing will be available soon).

If you plan to attend the meeting and are interested in taking the exam, please review the requirements below and follow this link to submit the required materials. In addition to the application, you must submit a Letter of Recommendation from one of the members on the list below or a member of the Executive Council of your country’s Bariatric Surgery Society.

Once your application is approved, we will provide a link to submit the exam fee ($400 for ASMBS members and $500 for non-members).

Should you encounter any issues submitting the necessary documents, please email them directly to us at this email address (

We are excited to see you participate in this significant event.


  1. Certification/Continous Certification: You must have a registered, full, and unrestricted medical license. A copy of this license will be required. 
  2. Certification/Continous Certification: You must be currently certified in general surgery by the Board of Surgery in the country where you practice. A copy of this certificate will be required. 
  3. Training: To be eligible, surgeons who have not completed a formal bariatric surgery Fellowship must have at least three years of clinical experience in metabolic and bariatric surgery (MBS). However, surgeons who have completed a Fellowship may take the examination after one year of independent practice. A copy of the Fellowship Certificate will be required if you completed a fellowship. 
  4. MBS Experience: You must attest to your current privileges and clinical activity in MBS, with a minimum of three years of clinical practice experience with a focus in MBS (diplomates who have completed 12 months in an MBS fellowship training program may qualify with one year of clinical practice). In addition to the following (verified by an upload of your case log):
    1. 75-lifetime stapling cases (50 may come from a fellowship/ training program, and at least 25 stapling cases must occur after fellowship)
    2. 15 of the 75-lifetime stapling procedures must be anastomotic or must include an anastomosis
  5. Professional Activity: You must attest that you are actively engaged in the practice of MBS as indicated by holding full surgical privileges in this discipline at an appropriate center. Additionally, you must actively participate in their national registry if one is available in the country you practice.
  6. Additional Attestation: The applicant must attest to being capable of performing independently the entire scope of the MBS practice without accommodation or with reasonable accommodation. 

List of Members Who Could Provide a Letter or Recommendation 

You may obtain a letter from the Executive Council of country’s Bariatric Surgery Society 

  1. Syed Tanseer Asghar, MD-  Pakistan Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery Rwp/Isb Chapter (
  2. Professor Liyong Zhu (
  3. Professor Yan Gu- Shanghai, China (
  4. Professor Xiaocheng Zhu (
  5. Professor Mohammad Hanif (
  6. Dr. Khaled Gawdat (
  7. Dr. Alaa Abbass Sabry, MD- Professor of General & Bariatric Surgery, Ain Shams University- Egypt (
  8. Gulf Region
    1. Drs. Ashraf Haddad, Ahmad Bashir, Osama Hamed (Jordan) 
    2. Drs. Khaled Gawdat, Osama Taha (Egypt)
    3. Drs. Aayed Alqahtani, Khalid Mirza, Waleed Bukhari (Saudi Arabia) 
    4. Drs. Mohammad Haddad, Safwan Taha, Ali Khammas (UAE)
    5. Dr. Badar Alhadrami (Oman)
    6. Dr. Mounir Ben Chatouh (Tunisia)
    7. Drs. Mohammad Jamal, Salman Al Sabah, Moursa Khoursheed, Asmaa Al Rashed (Kuwait)
    8. Dr. Amer Alderazi (Bahrain)
    9. Drs. Bassem Safadi, Haysam Fawal (Lebanon)
  9. North America
    1. Canada- Laurent Biertho
    2. Mexico- Juan Antonio  Corvala 
    3. Mexico- Juan Pablo Pantoja
    4. USA- Monique Hassan 
    5. USA- Jaime Ponce
    6. USA-Natan Zundel 
  10. South America
    1. Gautamela- Estuada Behrens 
    2. Chile- Marcos Berry 
    3. Chile- Camilo Boza
    4. Argentina- Pedro Martinez 
    5. Argentina- Mariano Palermo 
    6. Costa Rica- Ana Carrasquilla Zurita 
    7. Brazil- Ricardo Cohen
  11. Europe
    1. UK- Kamal Mahawar
    2. UK- Chetan Parmar
    3. UK- Cynthia Borg
    4. Germany- Sylvia Weiner 
    5. Belgium- Bruno Dillemans
    6. Spain- Antonio Torres
  12. MENA
    1. Saudi Arabia- Waleed Bukhari
    2. UAE- Safwan Taha
    3. UAE-Mohammed Al Hadad
    4. Kuwait- Asmaa Al Rashaad
    5. Kuwait- Mohammed Jamal
    6. Jordan- Ashraf Haddad
    7. Egypt- Khaled Gawdat
  13. Asia Pacific
    1. India- Padeep Chowbey
    2. India- Muffi Lakdawala
    3. India- Raj Palaniappan
    4. India- Praveen Raj
    5. India- Sandeep Agarwal
    6. India- Mohit Bhandari
    7. India- Vivek Bindal
    8. China- CC Wang
    9. China- Peng Zhang
    10. Singapore- Jaideep Rao
    11. Singapore- Assim Shabbir
    12. Malaysia- Reynu Rajan
    13. Russia- Johanna Cobos Roman
    14. Thailand- Suthep Udomsuwaengsup
    15. Taiwan- Wayne Huang
    16. Taiwan- Wei Je Lee
    17. Australia- Lillian Kow