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Ryan Lehmann, DO FACS FASMBS

Rickesha Wilson, MD

Farah Husain, MD FACS
Executive Council Liaison


Adrian Dan, MD
Elizabeth Dovec, MD FACS FASMBS January Hill, MD FASMBS FACS ABOM
Sylvia Herbozo, PhD
Jason Kempenich, MD

Valerie Matthews, RN CBN
Kristin McCoy, MD
Bethany Mulone, MSHA BSN RN CBN
Joe Northup, MD FASMBS
Sean O’Neill, MD PhD

Carl Pesta, DO FASMBS
Benjamin White, MD
Joe Nadglowski, Ad hoc
Roger Kissin, Ad hoc
James Zervios, Ad hoc

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Jillian Tartt


To advance the science and understanding of metabolic and bariatric surgery with the intent of improving medical care and treatment of people with obesity and related diseases .


The Public Education Committee is responsible for educating the public on bariatric surgery via printed and web-based materials as well as through the media; i.e. radio, newspaper, television and journals.


  • Identify gaps in patient education
  • Identify patient education tools to help ASMBS members

Committee Goals

  • Complete the revision all Patient Learning center articles to ensure content is up-to-date and at a sixth-grade reading level
  • Incorporate videos from the ASMBS YouTube channel into Patient Learning Center articles
  • Complete the patient seminar slide deck and make it accessible for use by the ASMBS membership
  • Hire a professional voice actor to record narration for patient seminar slide deck
  • Translate articles in the Patient Learning Center into Spanish
  • Use the newly updated Patient Learning Center articles to create informational brochures or pamphlets for ASMBS members to download and distribute to patients
  • Develop an Expected Weight Loss Calculator for patient use on
  • Continue collaboration with the ASMBS Website Subcommittee to develop a more patient-friendly interface for
  • Create new articles about topics including endoscopic treatment for obesity, SADI-S, surgery for the elderly, revisions, and robotics in bariatric surgery

2020 Completed Projects

  • Revised and updated six Patient Learning Center articles on to lower the reading level and improve the formatting of the webpages
  • Updated the It Starts Now/Video Testimonial page with easier navigation for patients
  • Created a regular schedule of monthly committee calls
  • Welcomed four new members to the committee
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