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Janey Pratt, MD FASMBS

Bradley Linden, MD FASMBS

Ann Rogers, MD FASMBS


Marwa Abu El Haija, MBBS
Jeremy Aidlen, MD FAAP
Allen Browne, MD 
Matias Bruzoni, MD
Judy Chen, MD FASMBS
Joy Collins, MD 
Anita Courcoulas, MD MPH  

Robert Cywes, MD PhD 
Daniel DeUgarte, MD 
Thomas Inge, MD PhD  
Marc Michalsky, MD FASMBS
Ann O’Connor, MD
David Podkameni, MD FASMBS

Kirk Reichard, MD, Immediate Past Chair
Niti Shahi, MD
Kimberly Steele, MD PhD FASMBS
Nancy Thompson, MS RN CPNP CBN
Mark Wulkan, MD 
Jeffrey Zitsman, MD

Ad Hoc Member

Jennifer Savage Williams, PhD, TOS

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Leslie Vinson


The mission of the Pediatric Surgery Committee is to develop, foster and promote best care practices and resources for the pediatric/adolescent bariatric surgery patient. The Pediatric Committee has continued to carry out its strategic mission in response to the increasing prevalence of severe obesity within the adolescent population and associated rise in the number of weight loss surgeries being performed as a result of this public health crisis.  Since its inception in 2007, the committee has quickly developed into an authoritative resource focused on all aspects of bariatric care for an emerging population. As such, the committee membership consists of a blend of pediatric and adult bariatric surgeons with representation from the behavioral and integrated health community.


  • To improve the care and treatment of people suffering from obesity
  • To advocate the science and understanding of metabolic and bariatric surgery
  • To foster communication between health professionals on obesity and related conditions
  • To be the recognized authority and resource on metabolic and baric surgery
  • To advocate for the health care policy that ensures patient access to high quality prevention and treatment of obesity
  • To be a highly valued specialty society that serves the educational professional needs of its diverse membership


  • Provide leadership on pediatric/adolescent bariatric surgery
  • Expand membership (adult surgeons, nursing, behavior sciences, etc.)
  • Develop and maintain resources for existing / developing centers that provide care for adolescent patients
  • Develop and maintain web content for Professionals (Public information to be coordinated with Public Education)
  • Collaborate with Access to Care Committee for pediatric/adolescent
    bariatric surgery issues

Committee Goals


1) Update the committee’s position statement
2) Develop relationship with the TOS pediatric committee


1) Create a Resource Toolkit to assist with developing a pediatric program
2) Complete MBSAQIP pediatric outcomes review paper as a committee


1) Prepare content for ObesityWeek 2020
2) Update ASMBS website on adolescent bariatric surgery

Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives:

1) The committee will vote on the position statement at their meeting at ObesityWeek 2019
2) Asked the TOS Pediatric Committee Chair to join our committee

1) Development of an easy to locate repository of bariatric handouts and resources for pediatric patients containing nutrition handbooks, consent/assent forms, templates, protocols for surgery, anesthesia, preop evaluation, etc.
2) Ongoing collaboration with MBSAQIP committee to refine pediatric standards

1) Will discuss in the beginning of 2020 as a committee

2019 Completed Projects

1) Pediatric tag for searching sessions in 2019 ObesityWeek – includes joint and ASMBS sessions
2) Joint session with TOS at ObesityWeek: “Global Obesity Treatment in Children” – 3 CME hours
3) Anticipated publication of AAP statement on MBS in pediatric population
4) TOS pediatric committee chair invited to ASMBS committee meeting
5) Publications in pediatrician-oriented journals; ASMBS Pediatric Surgery Committee member publications in non-surgical journals this year:

  1. Colman RJ, Woo Baidal, JA, Zitsman JL, Mencin AA. Upper GI Endoscopy in Adolescents with Severe Obesity Prior to Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr, 2019;69: 287-291.
  2. Chin VL, Censani, M, Conroy R, Lerner S, Oberfield S, McMahon D, Zitsman J, Fennoy I.
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