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Vafa Shayani, MD, FASMBS

Andre Teixeira, MD


  • Keith Scharf, DO, FACS, FASMBS – Immediate Past Chair
  • Farah Husain, MD, FACS, FASMBS – EC Liaison
  • Heidi Bednarchuk, MSN, ARNP, CNS, CBN – IH Committee Liaison
  • Crystal Alvarez, DO
  • Igal Breitman, MD, FACS
  • Chris Ducoin, MD, MPH, FACS, FASMBS
  • Alexandra Falvo, MD
  • Aarthy Kannappan, MD, FASMBS
  • Keith Kreitz, MD
  • Bradley Needleman, MD, FASMBS
  • Aurora Pryor, MD, FACS, FASMBS
  • Talar Tatarian, MD
  • R. Wesley Vosburg, MD, FACS, FASMBS

ASMBS Staff Liaison

  • Kim Carmichael


To be a highly valued society that serves the educational and professional needs of our diverse membership.


The function of the Membership Committee is to act as liaisons for members to ensure needs of membership are being met by the society, address member concerns, review membership applications, assist applicants in the application process when necessary, facilitate the FASMBS program, stimulate membership, and ensure access of members to society benefits


  • Increase membership
  • Enhance value of membership
  • Improve retention

Committee Goals


  • Expedite processing of new membership applications
  • Initiate New Member Campaign targeting – Candidates (Graduation Fellows) and bariatric surgeons in their first 1-2 years of practice (< 25 cases)
  • Identify common membership between SAGES and ASMBS
  • Contact lapsed member for renewal – will use Trello to coordinate committee members
  • Target non-ASMBS member attendees at the ASMBS Annual Meeting
  • Explore potential of IH Member to the Surgeon Memberships Committee and vice versa
Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives:
  • Trello website utilized. New membership application backlog has been eliminated.
  • Discounted price for Candidate members
  • Increased number of candidate members at midpoint of the year
  • About 707 members of both SAGES/ASMBS identified
  • 114 non-ASMBS member attendees at the ASMBS Annual Meeting received email blast


  • Coordinate recruitment efforts with other committees
  • Target graduating fellows to join.
    • Identify Bariatric fellows who have not responded and repeat blast email
    • Email bariatric program directors asking them to encourage and facilitate candidate members in ASMBS
  • Increase International membership (recruit new countries)
  • Increase FASMBS membership – on hold as FASMBS criteria are re-established
  • Continued discussion ongoing about value added possibilities
    • Continuing to work on direct transfer of CME to ABS
  • Follow up on number of non-ASMBS member the ASMBS Annual Meeting attendees who joined after blast email
Specific Project that Achieve Goals and Objectives:
  • List of graduating fellows was used to send emails to all graduating Bariatric fellows.


  • Increase membership by 10%
  • Improve Retention by 10%
  • Enhance Value of ASMBS Membership
  • Increase Non-Surgeon membership
    • Affiliate physicians
      • Anesthesiologists
      • Bariatricians
    • Pharmacists
    • Mid-level providers
Specific Project that Achieve Goals and Objectives
  • Contacting all lapsed and inactive members for membership recruitment

Completed Projects

  • Investigation of membership category for Gastroenterologists. Decision has been made to utilize the Affiliate Physician category and NOT to permit regular membership or to create a separate membership category for Gastroenterologists.
  • Trello Board for management of new applications.
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