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Genna Hymowitz, PhD


April Smith, PharmD
IH EC Liaison


The mission of the committee is to provide evidence-based support for the role of the team members in the care of long-term success of the bariatric surgical patient. The committee is comprised of each integrated team member including exercise, behavioral health, nursing, nutrition, surgery, and obesity medicine.


This committee is comprised of a representative from specialties that comprise the integrated team; behavioral health, nursing, nutrition, surgeons and obesity medicine. The goal of the committee is to investigate what literature has been published regarding the role of the team members in the care and long-term success of the bariatric surgical patient.


  • Define optimal multidisciplinary approach to surgical care
  • Evaluate current evidence and identify knowledge gaps regarding the impact of multidisciplinary approach on patient outcomes


Guilherme M. Campos, MD FASMBS
Christy Davis, MSN FNP-C CSOWM CBN
Lynelle L. Diede, MS RN-BC CBN
Brooke Doucet, RN CBN
Nicole J. Franklin, PsyD
Lora Grabow, LMSW
Nicole Nguyen, PharmD BCPS
Amber Saucier, RD LDN MS
Colleen Schreyer, PhD
Cristine Seitz, MS RD LDN
Catherine Tuppo, PT MS CLT-LANA

Leslie Vinson, ASMBS Staff Liaison

Committee Goals


  1. Select a project surrounding opioid use in bariatric surgery


  1. Select opioid use disorder project and submit for approval to the EC
  2. Develop Walk from Obesity Newsletter Content
  3. Publish “White Paper” survey findings

Long-Term Goals

  1. Conduct opioid use disorder project

Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives

  1. Conduct a literature review of opioid use in bariatric populations – discussed at ObesityWeek 2018 committee meeting
  2. Share literature review and develop subcommittee to lead the opioid use disorder project selected
  3. Work with Leslie Galloway at the ASMBS Foundation to develop and publish newsletter content
  4. Finalize the publication strategy for the multidisciplinary care survey data (previously referred to as the “White Paper”); currently with Tracy Martinez for a final decision
  5. Publish opioid use disorder project findings

2018 Completed Projects

  1. Authored and published the results of the Integrated Health Compensation Survey in the May 2018 issue of Bariatric Times (survey was administered to ASMBS members in 2017)
  2. Dr. Lent participated as a panelist in the March 2018 ASMBS Town Hall Webinar to share MDCC projects with the larger ASMBS community
  3. Several members authored nutrition-related content for the Walk from Obesity newsletter for 2018-2019
  4. Recruited a Co-Chair, Dr. Genna Hymowitz, in June 2018, and 3 new members (pharmacy, advanced practice and exercise/physical medicine specialist)
  5. MDC Committee recommendations for MBSAQIP integrated health metrics data capture sent to ASMBS leadership (via memorandum)
  6. Conducted teleconference with ACS representatives to discuss the potential for additional IH data capture within MBSAQIP
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