Integrated Health Membership Committee

Laura Boyer, FNP-C
Interim Chair


Heidi Bednarchuk, MSN APRN CNS

Melissa Brubaker, MBSCR LPN RN

Jamie Carr, BSN, RN

Beth Czerwony, MS RD CSOWM LD

Adam Dungey, MBA BSN

Mary Gray Hixson, MPH, RD, CSOWM, LDN

Julia Jurgensen, APRN CNP DNP

Rachel Millard, DNP FNP-C

Ashleigh Pona, PhD

Aimee Rothe, BSN RN CEN TCRN

Jeff Stromswold, NP

Maria Trapp, PhD

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Kim Carmichael


The function of the IH Membership Committee is to act as liaison for members to ensure needs of membership are being met by the society, address member concerns, review membership applications, assist applicants in the application process when necessary, stimulate membership, and ensure access of members to society benefits.


  • Increase membership
  • Decrease attrition
  • Assist applicants in the membership process

Committee Goals

  • Compensation Survey- Update questions and resent/compile data Previous one was several years ago Currently revamping questions and will plan to send out to IH members Will then compile, interpret and publish data
  • Member highlight form- Create and finalize. Functionality involves sending out to IH members or point on Facebook page to allow for nominations or self-submission to showcase a variety of members doing great things for the bariatric community
  • Working with IH Communications Committee to assist with Zoom networking sessions/breakout sessions
  • Track renewal numbers with members that joined during $25 promotion and consider follow-up survey to assess reasoning for not continuing membership

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