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Katie Chapmon, MS, RD

Kasey Goodpaster, PhD

Stephanie Sogg, PhD
IH Executive Council Liaison, Immediate Past Chair


Sue Benson-Davies, PhD, DCN, MPH, RD, FAND, LN
Nancy Browne, MS, PPCNP-BC, FAANP, CBN
Gwendolyn Crispell, RN, MSN, CBN
Michael Dougherty, II, PA-C
Karen Flanders, MSN, ARNP, CBN

Charmaine Gentles, ANP-BC, RNFA
Julie Parrott, MS, RD, CPT
Debra Proulx, RN, BHS, MBA, CBN
Marjan Sadegh, PharmD, BCPS CPE
Melissa Santos, PhD

Clinical Issues Committee MD Liaison

Dan Eisenberg, MD

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Leslie Vinson


The mission of the Integrated Health Clinical Issues Committee is to create evidence-based position statements with focus on clinical issues related to the integrated multidisciplinary team as well as issues related to the individual integrated health disciplines with the goal of enhancing the safety, quality and outcomes of bariatric and metabolic surgical patient care.


The ASMBS Clinical Issues Committee represents multiple disciplines of bariatric integrated health professionals with at least one member representing the following disciplines – nursing, behavioral health, nurse practitioner or physician assistant, registered dietitian, and pharmacist. The Committee members are appointed by the IHEC President with input from the Committee Chair and Co-Chair.


  1. Identify, develop, and revise best practice recommendations, clinical guidelines, position statements and protocols for the different disciplines within Integrated Health; Review and reassess every 2 years
  2. Identify and provide support to the committee/member(s) developing best practices, clinical guidelines, position statements and recommendations

Committee Goals


1) Circulate final draft of Management of Patients after Pregnancy paper for review by committee
2) IH Tool Kit Development
3) TelePsych Survey (Task Force) presentation of data


1) Nutrition Guidelines: Macronutrients
2) Sensitivity Guidelines/Statement/Resource
3) Collaboration with CIC – Update of Gastric Banding Guidelines
4) Adolescent & Pediatric Psych Guidelines


1) TelePsych Survey Papers

Specific Projects that Achieve Goals and Objectives:

1) Final draft of the Management of Patients after Pregnancy paper complete
2) Published several resources in the IH Tool Kit; will continue to develop, review and publish additional resources throughout 2020
3) The TelePsych Survey was sent to all ASMBS members in February 2019; 624 members responded. The task force will present the data at ObesityWeek 2019 at the Telemed Symposium

1) Nutrition Guidelines: Macronutrients: A working group has been formed, including some ad-hoc members who are not part of IH CIGC. This group has created a preliminary outline and completed their literature review, and each member of this work group has started writing their sections
2) Sensitivity Guidelines reviewed by IHEC late 2016; awaiting further review/revision; project stalled as not enough research to create a “statement/guideline” but possibly a resource regarding sensitivity training
3) Collaboration with CIC – Update of Gastric Banding Guidelines working group has been formed and a literature review of current gastric banding references completed
4) Adolescent & Pediatric Psych Guidelines – added a new Behavioral Health member who is a pediatric psychologist; forming a writing group

1) TelePysch Survey Task Force members will write papers on General Controversies, Qualitative and Quantitative Data

2019 Completed Projects

1) Several resources were added to the IH Toolkit throughout 2019
2) Completed the ASMBS Integrated Health Clinical Issues Guideline Committee Manual for Clinical Practice Guidelines (a standardized protocol for developing guidelines/position statements for internal use only)
3) Collaboration with CIC – ASMBS position statement on weight bias and stigma by: Dan Eisenberg, M.D., M.S., Sabrena Noria, M.D., Ph.D., Brandon Grover, D.O., Kasey Goodpaster, Ph.D., Ann M. Rogers, M.D., for the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Clinical Issues Committee – published in SOARD in June 2019

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