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Abby Schroeder, PA-C

Cindy Hipszer, RN, MSN, CNML

Nathaniel J. Sann, MSN, CRNP, FNP-BC
IHEC Liaison


Teresa Fraker, MS, RN
Claye Paca, MS RD CSOWM
Sarah Muntel, RD

Colleen Tewksbury, PhD MPH RD LDN
Emily Thevis, RDN LD CSOWM CDE

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Jillian Tartt


The aim of the Integrated Health Communications committee is to facilitate communication within AMSBS integrated health membership, between integrated health and surgeon members, and with potential members. This includes communicating in outside forums, moderating communication over official forums, and ensuring that relevant integrated health is available to all members


  • Improve communication within ASMBS membership
  • Increase awareness of IH activities to external audiences and stakeholders
  • Facilitate communication between committees
  • Identify and provide mechanisms for communication and collaboration for project development

Committee Goals

  • Expand and develop online resources
  • Promote IH initiatives and IH membership
  • Recruit IH leaders into ASMBS IH Committees to promote the organization
  • Continue to work with the Membership committee to develop a YouTube Video Series to highlight the value of Integrated Health Membership
  • Continue the IH Webinar series to promote education and professional development
  • Continue to promote the Active IH Members Facebook group as a practical and sustainable solution and communication tool for members
  • Collaborate with other IH Committees to develop and promote quarterly webinars
  • Continue to review public and patient education pages on
  • Continue to build and improve online content for IH professionals, including a resource of online articles for professional development and to share with patients
  • Augment online resources with a comprehensive “Tool Kit” to guide IH membership through the various aspects of developing or enhancing a bariatric practice
  • Continue collaboration with the ASMBS Website Subcommittee to develop a more provider and patient-friendly interface for, potentially using location-based services or by surveying site visitors

2019 Completed Projects

  • Hosted two successful educational IH webinars
  • Completed a poster for members to utilize in their practice to bring awareness to ASMBS and spread the world about the valuable work of the Society
  • Contributed to the formation of the new Website Subcommittee to redesign to better serve members, patients, and the public
  • Continued to build and monitor the growing Active ASMBS IH Members Only Facebook professional networking group
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