Flexible Endoscopy Committee

Leena Khaitan, MD MPH FACS

Salvatore Docimo, DO MS

Mona Misra, MD
Executive Council Liaison


Mujjahid Abbas, MD FACS
John-Paul Bellistri, MD
Jerry Dang MD PhD FRCSC
Matthew Davis, MD
A. Daniel Guerron, MD
Brooke Henson, RN, BSN, CBN  
Matthew Kroh, MD
Marina Kurian, MD
Dean Mikami, MD
Sabrena Noria, MD FASMBS, PhD
Ninh Nguyen, MD FASMBS  
Rodolfo Oviedo, MD FACS
Yagnik Pandya, MD FACS
Aurora Pryor, MD FASMBS
Kevin Reavis, MD
Cory Richardson, MD
Thomas Shin, MD.
Samuel Szomstein, MD
Nabil Tariq, MD FASMBS  
Kevin Wasco, MD FASMBS   
Natan Zundel, MD FASMBS

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Morgan Matlock


  • To improve the care and treatment of people with obesity and related diseases
  • To advance the science and understanding of metabolic and bariatric surgery
  • To be the recognized authority and resource on metabolic and bariatric surgery


The Flexible Endoscopy Committee of ASMBS will examine methods of training, clinical applications, and research for existing and evolving endoscopic therapies in the treatment of patients with obesity. Ideal training focuses on understanding the anatomy and physiology of patients with obesity, past and current surgical procedures, and the role of endoluminal therapies. Currently, the practice of endoscopy has important roles in the pre-operative evaluation and the diagnosis and management of post-operative complaints and complications. Additionally, new endoluminal procedures are being introduced to care for patients with obesity and metabolic diseases, both in the primary and revisional setting. There is a growing need for leadership within ASMBS to ensure that these techniques are used responsibly and safely, and that the membership of the ASMBS is kept abreast of the current state of endoscopic therapies to best care for our patients.


  • Promote bariatric endoscopy through the BE-SAFE program as a formal curriculum for ASMBS and SAGES members
  • Develop guidelines with the other ASMBS committees when using endoscopy in the management of obesity, especially Emerging Technologies and Procedures (all phases)
  • Provide high-quality, data-driven educational courses (didactic and hands-on) in flexible endoscopy in the bariatric patient at the ASMBS Annual Meeting, ASMBS Weekend, and with SAGES to promote BE-SAFE

Committee Goals


  • Make BE-SAFE available at live courses- ASMBS 2024, SAGES 2024
  • 100% of Flex Endo committee BE-SAFE certified, select additional proctors for testing


  • Revise current content of website to support BE-SAFE and endoscopy education
  • BE-SAFE hands-on labs during the ASMBS Annual Meeting, SAGES, and individual centers

Long-Term Goals

  • Identify “training centers” for the hands-on and train the trainer
  • Dissemination of endoscopy educational curriculum among trainees, vetted and approved by ASMBS

Committee Projects

New Projects for 2023-24:

  • Increase collaboration with SAGES to revive the program after COVID
  • Initiate a marketing plan to increase the number of learners
  • Update our website & educational curriculum for the BE-SAFE program (videos)
  • Continue to evaluate endoscopic novel procedures

2022-23 Completed:

  • BE-SAFE Lab took place on Monday, June 6, during the ASMBS 2022 Annual Meeting.
    • (12) learners passed the qualifying exam in 2022. All learner-participants and (10) proctors received a certificate of verification
  • BE-SAFE Lab took place on Monday, June 26, during the ASMBS 2023 Annual Meeting.
    • (11) learners passed the qualifying exam in 2023. All learner-participants and (8) proctors received a certificate of verification

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