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Matthew Martin, MD

Adrian Dan, MD

Shanu Kothari, MD FASMBS
Executive Council Liaison

ASMBS Staff Liaison

Danielle Marsh


Corrigan McBride, MD
Ambar Banerjee, MD
Gregory Dakin, MD
Shaina Eckhouse, MD
Maher El Chaar, MD
Laura Fischer, MD
Matthew Fourman, MD
John Gabrielsen, MD
William Gourash, MSN CRNP PHD
Chandra Hassan, MD

Kunoor Jain-Spangler, MD
Daniel Jones, MD
S. Julie-Ann Lloyd, MD PhD
Emanuele Lo Menzo, MD
Carl Pesta, MD
Dana Portenier, MD
Raul Rosenthal, MD
Scott Schimpke, MD
Bruce Schirmer, MD
Scott Shikora, MD
Yulia Zak, MD


  • To improve the care and treatment of people with obesity and related diseases
  • To advance the science and understanding of metabolic and bariatric surgery
  • To be the recognized authority and resource on metabolic and bariatric surgery


The Bariatric Surgery Training Committee is responsible for designing guidelines and resources for metabolic and bariatric surgery training and fellowship programs. It also certifies that trainees have received adequate training through validation of their experience and the development and continuous updating of examinations


  • Establish the standard for bariatric surgery training by trainees in general surgery and advanced fellowship training
  • Collaborate with the Endoscopy Committee and the Integrated Health Committees with regards to training issues that cross into their domains.

Committee Goals


  1. ASMBS Certificate of Satisfactory Training in Bariatric Surgery Fellowship (award annually)


  1. Create a Competency Based Fellowship Curriculum for Broad Adoption
  2. Year 2 Pilot completed
  3. Survey fellows and PD regarding content and evaluation tools
  4. Modify curriculum and evaluation tools for year 2
  5. Coordinate the EPA to meet the Fellowship Council work to standardize across all fellowship

2019 Completed Projects

  1. ABS is working on EPA for general surgery residency. At this point, there are no bariatric EPA however will continue to advocate for EPA at this stage of training as it is in the score curriculum.
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