John Baker

2009-10 ASMBS President

Most Important Event

Reestablishing ASMBS’s connection with the American College of Surgeons.

I reached out to David Hoyt, MD, FACS prior to his becoming the executive director for the ACS to discuss the possibility of using the ACS BSCN database for our certification program. The resulting discussions focused on the issues that led to the separate development of 2 Bariatric Center of Excellence programs for certification. The divergence and separation by the leadership of both societies was not helpful. A different era has led to the unification into one program still led by ASMBS.

In today’s era of health reform, we need to be united. I participated in a number of ACS led phone conferences with the Presidents of over 20 different surgical societies during the discussion and debate for the Affordable Care Act. I understood the importance of working together. The leadership of the College listened to the differences of opinions that were offered. We have worked on this not only with the ACS, but a number of other Medical and Surgical societies as well. Our patient advocacy efforts with other organizations have improved.

The ASMBS after several years renegotiated the contract for the administration of the ASMBS COE program through the Surgical Review Corporation. We improved the delivery of our message through the media. The steering committee worked on planning and decision making for the development of Obesity Week. The demands of leadership of a growing ASMBS placed quite a strain on the office of the President. An informal discussion group led to the development of executive committee under Bruce Wolfe to handle the frequent calls and oversight.

John Baker, MD