Addressing Disparities in Obesity Treatment: A Toolkit for Providers

Recorded June 21, 2024

Healthy People 2030 recognizes that factors beyond healthcare access significantly impact health outcomes. Social determinants of health (SDOH) like housing, food security, and education play a crucial role in weight loss surgery success (CDC, 2022).

This webinar empowers healthcare providers with actionable strategies to address unmet social needs in their weight loss surgery patients. Our cross-sectional thought leaders will share practical, scalable solutions you can implement at your clinic.

Duration: 56:34


Moderator: Brooke Doucet, RN BSN CBN
Speakers: Nicole Franklin, PsyD ABPP, L. Casey Flowers, MS RD LDN CDCES and Janée A. Tyus, MPH


Webinar, Integrated Health