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Bariatric surgery is a well- established, safe, effective, and enduring treatment for the obese patient. As we continue to provide care to the patient with obesity, we are increasingly cognizant of the chronic, complex nature of obesity. We are aware that bariatric surgery patients may have partial or no response to interventions based on the severity and chronicity of their presenting disease. In addition, bariatric surgery is recognized as having among the lowest gastro-intestinal surgical morbidity and mortality rates. In the event of a bariatric surgery complication, it is legally incumbent and morally imperative that care be provided to that patient with a complication. All bariatric surgery patients are entitled and deserve revisional surgical therapy for either partial/no response to initial therapy and/or complications. The materials presented here will assist the ASMBS member or payor in determining the best approach for revisional surgery. It is important to note that no single approach may be dictated- the best approach is always taken in context of an accredited facility with a dedicated bariatric surgeon incorporating patient preferences.

On behalf of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery,

John M. Morton, MD, MPH, FASMBS

John Magaña Morton, MD, MPH, FASMBS

2014-2015 President

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