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In 2015, the Federal Drug Administration approved two new intra-gastric balloons for patients with BMI 30-40. On this page, ASMBS members will find key resources to allow them to utilize these new tools in decreasing the burden of disease for the obese patient.

ASMBS has long been the medical home for the patient with obesity and we have long advocated for safe, effective, accessible care for the obese patient. We welcome new procedures and devices for the obese patient employed in an accredited environment with a legacy of weight loss expertise and patient-centered care. ASMBS members have demonstrated expertise, focused curriculum and a data registry for endoscopic procedures. The intra-gastric balloon represents an additional intervention in the continuum of care that ASMBS members provide on a daily basis.

On behalf of the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery,

John M. Morton, MD, MPH, FASMBS

John MagaƱa Morton, MD, MPH, FASMBS

2014-2015 President

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