ASMBS Social Media Policy

The ASMBS does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties. This includes text input and uploaded files (video, images, audio, executables, documents).

In order to promote participation and the airing of differing points of view, ASMBS will accept posts which may or may not reflect the position or policy of ASMBS

The ASMBS reserves the right to remove information at its sole discretion.  Comments and posts should be civil, smart and on-topic.  Obscene or defamatory material is never permitted. Posts, materials and comments that appear to infringe on intellectual property rights or which do not otherwise meet these guidelines will be removed.

Forums, groups, and correspondence expressly managed by the ASMBS are assigned moderators that screen publicly posted content. In the event that a discussion deteriorates (becomes non-productive) and replies/comments are no longer professional, it will be administratively reviewed and closed if necessary. If need be, the posting parties may also be individually contacted, warned, or removed from the group/discussion.

Additionally, comments that could be viewed as spam or solicitation will be deleted, and the user posting the content will be reported and/or blocked.