Published May 2011

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ASMBS Statement for Access to Care for Obesity Treatment

  • Obesity is a medical condition that meets all criteria as a disease, including a genetic predisposition and personal, societal and environmental factors that contribute to expression of the disease.
  • Obesity is an independent risk factor for heart disease and is predominant in patients with hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • People who suffer from the disease of obesity should be free from prejudice and discrimination in accessing care for obesity.
  • People who suffer from the chronic disease of obesity should have access to evidence-based medical, pharmaceutical, behavioral, and surgical care similar to the access provided for the evaluation and management of other chronic disease.
  • Prevention of obesity through new strategies of healthy lifestyles should complement the commitment to treat those currently suffering from the metabolic consequences of the disease.
  • Weight Loss Surgery is effective, durable and increases quality and quantity of life. Obesity should be treated.