About the Provider

Bariatric Surgery is my passion. I love working alongside my team to improve patient processes, increase obesity awareness in the community, provide support and resources for those considering or having bariatric surgery, and provide quality care and best outcomes to all our patients. I have a master’s in nursing with focus on Administration and I am a Certified Bariatric Nurse. I had bariatric surgery in 2014 and was able to regain my health and improved quality of life. I made a career change from specializing in Cardiac Surgery to Bariatric Surgery in 2015. I worked 5 years as Vanderbilt University Medical Center's Bariatric Program Coordinator and then moved to Southeast Florida in 2020 to develop a Bariatric Surgery Program for a public hospital. I have had the privilege to speak at multiple venues about Bariatric Surgery and been a guest speaker for support groups sharing my own personal journey. I served on the Board of Public Education with ASMBS to improve educational resources for the bariatric patients seeking weight loss surgery. I love networking with other bariatric professionals across the globe, so feel free to reach out!


Fort Lauderdale, FL USA