About the Provider

Richard ABITTAN,
Cell phone: +212661156427
Born on 08/18/1958 in Casablanca, Morocco, married with 3 children.
1976 -> 1983: Medical School in university of medicine of Casablanca.
July 1985: Obtainment of the Medical Degree
1983 – 1989: Internship and assistanat

  • CHU AVERROES Casablanca Morocco (1983-1987)
  • CHU Henri Mondor and KREMLIN BICETRE (1987-1989)
    1989 – 1991: Boardcertified general surgeon at CHR Bouaffi - Casablanca – Morocco.
    1991 - Fellowship with Pr. J. DUBOIS in “Hôpital la Cité” in Paris to perform general laparoscopic
    1992 - Fellowship with Pr. J. BELGHITI in “BEAUJON Hospital” in Paris to perform liver surgery
    1992 – 1993: Recurrent training with Dr. S. BENCHETRIT in “Hôpital J.MERMOZ” in Lyon to perform
    laparoscopic inguinal herniorraphy, anti-reflux procedures, colectomy, splenectomy and
    adrenalectomy. (1 week every 3 months).
    1992 -> 2017: Forerunner in laparoscopic surgery and practicemo than 1 200 procedures a year =
    liver surgery, endocrinology surgery, hernia surgery and pelvic surgery.
    2000 -> 2019: I practice with the same team 4 300 bariatric procedures.
  • Banding = 1 300
  • Sleeve = 1 250
  • Gastric plication = 250
  • Nissen Sleeve=100
  • Roux en Y GBP = 500
  • SAGBP = 900
    Under the leadership of Pr. GUGENHEIM (Nice- France), Huten (Tours- France), MSIKA (Paris-France)
    and PATOU (Lille-France) I obtain the first french diploma of bariatric Surgery (2007 at 2009)
    January 2014: Obtainment of the label of excellence center for bariatric surgery with my team from
    SOFFCO and IFSO.
    January 2017: Nomination IFASMBS (international fellow of the American Society for metabolic and
    bariatric surgery)
    Scientific publications :
    • 1987 = French national study on acute pancreatitis (annals of surgery) with TESTAS and JM.
    • 1998 = Review of biliary complications after laparoscopic cholecystectomy in Morocco (3 000
    cases, with Pr. ABI)
    • 2003 = Inventory of fixtures of morbid obesity in morocco (4 years of experience).
    • 2006 = In association between the Belgian society of surgery, and the Moroccan society of
    surgery, I have promoted the laparoscopic Banding indications and its complications.
    • 2009 = Gastric banding erosion, about 1000 Cases in Morocco (SOFFCO Congress Nice
    • 2012 = Outcomes of Gastric by-pass in Moroccan diabetics (DAKHLA, Morocco; medical
    congress of obesity)
    • 2012 = Private experience in bariatric surgery about 2250 patients (SOFFCO, Montpellier)
    • 2013 = Left colectomy ahead the IMA in diverticulitis pathology (SFCE – Paris)
    • 2014 =
    Ø Indications and complications of Bariatric Surgery (ATC.2017 Tunis-Tunisia)
    Ø Metabolic Surgery and Diabete (ATC 2014. Tunis)
    • 2015 = Live surgery in CASABLANCA
    Ø Laparoscopic conversion of Mason to GBP.
    Ø Laparoscopic conversion of Sleeve to GBP.
    • 2016 (February)= Delayed live :
    Ø GBP Roux in Y to treat an obese patient with old Nissen. (Marseille, France)
    • 2016 (June) = Delayed live :
    Ø Conversion of SAGBP to normal anatomy for malnutrition (Nice. France)
    • 2016 (April) = The pathway of the obese patient candidate for bariatric surgery in Casablanca
    private environment (1st Mediterranean obesity surgery summit MOSS Maples
    – ITALY)
    • 2017 (April) = Live surgery :
    Ø Roux in y GBP and removal banding in 1 step
    Ø Sleeve and removal banding in 1 step (Marrakech national congress of the
    Moroccan society of surgery)
    Titular member of these learned institutions:
    Ø AFC = French association of surgery
    Ø SFCE= French endoscopic society of surgery
    Ø SOFFCOM= French society of bariatric and metabolic surgery
    Ø ASMBS = American society for metabolic and bariatric surgery
    Ø IFSO = international federation of obesity surgery
    Ø EAES= European association of endoscopic surgery
    Ø A CLAVINE = Association of laparoscopic surgery from north east of France
    Fellowship with =
    Ø Dr. BENCHETRIT = Obesity center, Jean Mermoz Lyon
    Ø Pr MSIKA = Obesity center, Louis Mourier Paris
    Ø Pr M Chevalier = Obesity center, Georges Pompidou Paris
    Ø PR PATOU = Obesity Center, Lille
    Supervisor of several Work Shops in Morocco and Africa
    Ø Bariatric surgery
    Ø Anti reflux procedures
    Ø Colorectal surgery
    Ø Inguinal herniorraphy (TEP)
    New publication about Nissen Sleeve in obesity surgery journal(2019)


Surgeries Performed

•Follows Other Surgeons' Patients •Gastric Banding •Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass •Intragastric Balloon •Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass •One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass •Other Gastric Restriction •Pediatric (Patients Under 18) •Revision/Conversion of Prior Procedure •Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy 


Casablanca, MAR