About the Provider

Dr. Julie Vieselmeyer, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist in Seattle, Washington. She specializes in health psychology and in sport and exercise psychology. Dr. Vieselmeyer earned a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Seattle Pacific University and completed internship at the Oklahoma Health Consortium. She also earned a master’s degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver. Dr. Vieselmeyer has served on the Executive Committee for the Society of Sport, Exercise, & Performance Psychology (American Psychological Association, Division 47) for the past five years and as President of the Running Psychologists. She also serves on the non-profit board for ZGiRLS, a sport-based youth development program, headquartered in the Seattle area. Dr. Vieselmeyer’s primary role is at Swedish Medical Center’s Bariatric, Metabolic, and Endocrine Clinic, where she helps patients make health-related behavior changes, achieve weight loss goals, and improve overall well-being.


Seattle, WA USA