Oregon State Chapter

Incorporated 2008

Executive Officers

President: Erika La Vella, DO, FASMBS
Past Presidents: Andrea Stroud, MD MS, FASMBS, Farah Husain, MD FACS FASMBS; Mark Eaton, MD; Catherine Boulay, MD FASMBS; Joshua Pfeiffer, MD; Donald Yarbrough, MD; Kevin Reavis, MD
Vice President: Open
Secretary: Stephen Archer, MD, FASMBS
Treasurer: Valerie Halpin, MD FASMBS
Integrated Health Chair: Jaymey Sweeney, FNP
STAR (State Access to Care Representative): Derek Rogalsky, MD
Integrated Health STAR (State Access to Care Representative): Greg Showell, RN


Please email statechapters@asmbs.org for further direction

Chapter Meetings

  • State Chapter Meeting
    March 8th 2024 in Corvallis, OR
  • ACS State Chapter Meeting with OR and Washington
    September 13-14 2024

Chapter Updates

  • Oregon Co-Op insurance plan became insolvent and several patients were trapped in limbo at various stages in the preoperative process at several programs when the new plans they were assigned do not have a bariatric surgery benefit. We are lobbying the state Insurance Commissioner for relief to provide for those patients surgical services since it was claimed they would continue with the medical services they had before the switch.
  • Pending State review of bariatric surgery as part of state sponsored health plan essential health plan benefit package.

Support Groups

Programs provide support groups for their patients

Advocacy Information