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Incorporated July 2006

Chapter Information

Mission Statement

The Ohio/Kentucky Society for Bariatric Surgery (OKSBS) was organized and officially incorporated as an ASMBS State Chapter in July 2006 with the following specific non-profit purposes:

  • To advance the art and science of bariatric surgery in the states of Ohio and Kentucky through the exchange of ideas, information, and experience through national and regional meetings, and scientific, clinical and educational exhibits and publications
  • To promote the ethical and quality care of the obese patient
  • To pursue clinical and research experience and promote its application to the practice of bariatric surgery
  • To promote professional communication in the field of bariatric surgery
  • To promote partnership between healthcare providers, patients, industry and government pertaining to the care of the obese patient through medical and surgical intervention
  • To do all things necessary or appropriate in order to accomplish the foregoing purposes

Executive Officers

President/Treasurer: Christopher Daigle, MD FASMBS FRCSC
Immediate Past President: Adrian Dan, MD FASMBS
Past President: C. Joe Northup, MD FASMBS
Past President: Bradley J. Needlemam, MD FASMBS
Vice President: Sergio Bardaro, MD FACS FASMBS
Allied Health Officer: Anne Kroger, MPAS PA-C
STAR (State Access to Care Representative Ohio): C. Joe Northup, MD FASMBS
STAR (State Access to Care Representative Kentucky): Joshua Steiner, MD
IH STAR (State Access to Care Representative Ohio/Kentucky): Debbie Pasini, RN BSN


Christopher Daigle, MD FASMBS FRCSC

Chapter Meetings

  • Ohio & Kentucky ASMBS Virtual State Chapter Educational Event
    Saturday, October 24, 2020
    Details TBD

  • Ohio/Kentucky Chapter Meeting at ObesityWeek 2019 in Las Vegas, NV
    Tuesday, November 5
    5:15-6:15pm Pacific
    Mandalay Bay, 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89119, Reef D Room – Level 2

  • 2019 Annual Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of the ASMBS Conference
    September 13-14
    Columbus, Ohio

  • Ohio/Kentucky Chapter Meeting at ObesityWeek 2018 in Nashville, TN
    Tuesday, November 13
    5:15-6:15pm Central
    Omni Nashville Hotel, 250 5th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203, Music Row 6 Room

  • 2018 Annual Ohio/Kentucky Chapter of the ASMBS Conference
    September 14-15, 2018
    Hilton Columbus at Easton
    3900 Chagrin Dr.
    Columbus, Ohio 43219
    View Agenda/Register

  • 2017 Annual Meeting at Hilton Hotel, Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH

  • State Chapter Meeting at ObesityWeek 2015 in Los Angeles, CA:
    Wednesday, November 4, 2015
    6pm-7pm Pacific Time
    L.A. Convention Center Room #402AB

Chapter Updates

2017-2019 Activity

  • In 2019, several third party payers and insurance plans began authorizing metabolic surgical intervention for patients with type 2 diabetes and BMI between 30 and 35 Kg/m2. This has been accomplished through relentless work and efforts by immediate past president, Dr. Joseph Northup, (chapter’s STAR and chair the national ASMBS Access to Care committee) and by surgeons who advocated directly to the general public and insurance carriers about the effectiveness of metabolic surgery for diabetes.

  • The 2019 annual meeting is exhibiting unprecedented numbers of registrations and support from industry. We are already considering a larger venue for next year as we expect to outgrow the current facility and accommodation.

  • The chapter has instituted term duration limits (2 years) and will hold elections at the 2019 National ASMBS meeting in November of 2019.

  • Several “Walk from Obesity” events are held throughout the 2 states.

  • The future endeavors of the chapter include further expanding upon the recent accomplishments in the areas of patient advocacy, bariatric surgical training, education for integrated health professionals and research collaboration. Significant opportunity exists to facilitate such progress through enhanced local and regional organization.

  • In order to pursue such goals and to foster membership involvement and support, the chapter will form several committees led by appointed chairs and allow members to participate in policy development and contribute in their specific area of passion and interest. These committees will include: • Executive Planning Committee (Chaired by Chapter President) • Insurance and Access to Care (Chaired by Chapter STAR) • Education and CME (Chair: TBD) • Integrated Health Professionals (Chaired by IH Chair) • Industry Partners (Chaired: TBD)

  • Chapter events and noteworthy bariatric news are conveniently found on the group’s new online home at

  • The chapter logo was re-designed to reflect the participation of our Kentucky members.

  • The chapter, although initially created as the Ohio Society for Bariatric Surgery now officially conducts business (DBA) as the Ohio and Kentucky Chapter of the ASMBS.

  • Annual Events at Regional Institutions: • 14th annual Obesity Summit (Cleveland Clinic – Dr. Phil Schauer)
    • 2nd annual Akron Obesity Awareness Forum (Summa Health – Dr. Adrian Dan)

  • In 2018, the most notable recent accomplishment of the chapter has been the new inclusion of bariatric surgery benefits by several payers that now are in line with the established and widely accepted NIH criteria. This has made access to bariatric care available to thousands of patients who now can benefit from surgical therapy.

  • In 2018, the annual chapter meeting enjoyed a revitalization with a robust attendance by surgeons, physicians, IH professionals and industry representatives.

  • ObesityWeek 2017 – State Chapter Rally

2016 Activity

  • Caresource Advocacy
    • Meeting continually with Caresource, one of the managed care plans in region
    • Currently with 9 month preop diet and BMI of 50 requirements for bariatric surgery, unless “uncontrolled co-morbidities”
    • Meetings to this point going well and should see policy change 1/1/17

2015 Activity

  • Currently integrating the Kentucky chapter and reorganizing
  • The state of Kentucky will be joining the Ohio Society for Bariatric Surgery (OSBS)
  • Arranging dinner for ASMBS November

Support Groups

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