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Incorporated July 2006

Chapter Information

Mission Statement

The Ohio/Kentucky Society for Bariatric Surgery (OKSBS) was organized and officially incorporated as an ASMBS State Chapter in July 2006 with the following specific non-profit purposes:

  • To advance the art and science of bariatric surgery in the states of Ohio and Kentucky through the exchange of ideas, information, and experience through national and regional meetings, and scientific, clinical and educational exhibits and publications
  • To promote the ethical and quality care of the obese patient
  • To pursue clinical and research experience and promote its application to the practice of bariatric surgery
  • To promote professional communication in the field of bariatric surgery
  • To promote partnership between healthcare providers, patients, industry and government pertaining to the care of the obese patient through medical and surgical intervention
  • To do all things necessary or appropriate in order to accomplish the foregoing purposes

Executive Officers

President: C. Joe Northup, MD
Past President: Bradley J. Needlemam, MD FASMBS
Vice President: John Zografakis, MD FASMBS
Secretary: Patricia Choban, MD
STAR (State Access to Care Representative): C. Joe Northup, MD and Bradley J. Needleman, MD FASMBS

Board Members

Bipan Chand, MD FASMBS
John Maguire, MD
Stoyan Kokocharov, MD


Joe Northup, MD
3050 Mack Rd, Suite 205
Fairfield, OH 45014

Chapter Meetings

  • Planning 2017 Annual Meeting at Hilton Hotel, Easton Town Center, Columbus, OH

  • State Chapter Meeting at ObesityWeek 2015 in Los Angeles, CA:
    Wednesday, November 4, 2015
    6pm-7pm Pacific Time
    L.A. Convention Center Room #402AB

Chapter Updates

2016 Activity

  • Caresource Advocacy
    • Meeting continually with Caresource, one of the managed care plans in region
    • Currently with 9 month preop diet and BMI of 50 requirements for bariatric surgery, unless “uncontrolled co-morbidities”
    • Meetings to this point going well and should see policy change 1/1/17

2015 Activity

  • Currently integrating the Kentucky chapter and reorganizing
  • The state of Kentucky will be joining the Ohio Society for Bariatric Surgery (OSBS)
  • Arranging dinner for ASMBS November

Advocacy Information