New York State Chapter

Incorporated December 2008

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Mission Statement

The mission of the NYS Chapter of the ASMBS is to become the definitive voice for dealing with statewide issues in bariatric surgery. Our goal is to advocate on behalf of patients and providers in New York State. We will work in conjunction with the National Society and other parties to enhance patient access to care and to improve the quality of care provided to bariatric surgery patients. We will work to protect the interests of the patients and the providers in the regulatory and reimbursement arenas. We aspire to be the voice of bariatric surgery in the state of New York and to set a tone of professionalism and mutual respect between members.

Executive Officers

President: Konstantinos Spaniolas, MD FACS FASMBS
Immediate Past President Aurora Pryor, MD MBA FASMBS
Secretary: Manish Parikh, MD FASMBS
Treasurer: Megan Jenkins, MD
Integrated Health Chair: Catherine Tuppo, PT, MS, CLT-LANA
Integrated Health Co-Chair: Mae Zoltowsky, RN
Integrated Health Member at Large: Darragh Herlihy, NP CBN
Executive Director: Mary Zotos, MS RD
Founder-Past President: Mitchell Roslin, MD FASMBS
Past Presidents: William Graber, MD FASMBS; William O’Malley, MD; Terence Clarke, MD FASMBS; Ashutosh Kaul, MD; Dominick Gadaleta, MD FASMBS
Bylaws Committee Chair: Collin Brathwaite, MD
Website Forum Chair: Daniel Herron, MD FASMBS
STAR (State Access to Care Representative): William O’Malley, MD

Board Members

Shawn Garber, MD FACS
Dominick Gadaleta, MD FASMBS
Mitchell Roslin, MD FASMBS

Contact Information

Mary Zotos
30 Bridle Path
Roslyn, NY 11576

Chapter Meetings

Chapter Updates

2019 Activity

  • NYC Obesity Walk, September 8, 2019
  • We continue to strive to gain member involvement on our website, at our Annual Spring Conference and November Business Meeting, especially focusing on Integrated Health and how we may make this team more robust and active

2016 Activity

  • The main goal at this time is to stop the unnecessary “Mandatory 6 month Medically Supervised Diet” many insurance companies are insisting upon, the mantra is “Appeal, Appeal, Appeal!”
  • September 11, 2016 NYC Obesity Walk
  • March of 2016 brought many of our members to Albany to participate in Lobbying for Access to Care for Bariatric Surgery
  • We continue to strive to gain member involvement on our website, at our Annual Spring Conference and November Business Meeting

2014-2015 Activity

  • Further activities are listed in the Chapter Spring Newsletter, “The Advocate,” written by our NYSC Representative, Chris Gallagher
  • Invitation sent to the Office of Surgeon General to be the 2015 Keynote Speaker
  • Nominations and Election of Officers & New Trustee
    • NYSC Board continues to use the ASMBS model for voting electronically
    • Two new Trustees were added to the NY Chapter Board: Collin Brathwaite, MD & Manish Parikh, MD
    • Nominations will be requested for November vote to elect the following: President-Elect, Secretary, and one Trustee
  • Application to the Medical Society of the State of New York was submitted and approved; Dr. Terence Clarke, NYS Chapter President, was appointed as the Chapter Delegate
  • NYC Obesity Walk is scheduled for September 13, 2015; the NYS Chapter is again participating as a sponsor for the walk
  • The Board Retreat held September 2014 was successful and integral in planning for the NYS Chapter Annual May 2015 Conference
  • With the success of the 2014 September retreat, the chapter is discussing a 2015 Retreat focused on Program planning for the 2016 NYS Chapter Annual Conference
  • Discussions regarding partnering with smaller State Chapters in the Northeast to join the 2016 State Chapter Conference have also occurred
  • Integrated Health
    • In May of 2015, we had a wonderful turnout at our annual NYS Chapter Spring Conference
    • We are pleased to announce our Walk from Obesity is set to occur on 9/13/15 with Elis Duran and Dr. Oz confirmed as our speakers
    • We continue to strive to gain member involvement on our website, at our Annual Spring Conference, and November Business Meeting
    • Discussions have been held with Dr. Clarke to consider partnering with another specialty for the 2016 Chapter Conference to help increase attendance and discuss new and different areas that affect our practices and our patients


  • The NYS Chapter’s November 2014 Business Meeting was well attended; Chapter Election Results were announced adding Dr. Collin Brathwaite & Dr. Manish Parikh as new Trustees; Dr. Greg Dakin as the Chapter Secretary & Dr Alok Gandhi as Chapter Treasurer
  • Nominations and Election of Officers & New Trustee
  • First Integrated Health Executive Council Nominations & Election were held
  • New NYSC Board President, Dr Terence Clarke, started application
  • NYC Obesity Walk September 7, 2014
  • Board Retreat September 2014
  • Weight Loss Surgery Clothing Exchange

2012 Activities

  • In May 2012, Drs. Kaul and Clarke visited Albany with the ACS for the “NY Coalition of Surgeons to Albany” event

Advocacy Information