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Posted 12/19/2019

January 2020 Edition

1. IH Presidential Message

Greetings! We hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season.

Your Integrated Health (IH) leadership is excited to begin 2020 with some important projects on the horizon. One issue that has been a hot topic in clinical forums of late is the issue of fasting for Ramadan or for other spiritual or personal practices. A writing group has been formed for the purpose of developing a guide to assist programs in respecting the needs of patients who wish to fast while ensuring their hydration and nutrition are adequate. The writing group is multidisciplinary, including surgical, medical and nutrition providers from the US; we also have representation from the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Related Disorders (IFSO) working with us on this project. When complete, our IH Clinical Issues and Guidelines Committee (IHCIGC) will collaborate with the writing group to finalize and forward the recommendations through the ASMBS approval process. We are also pleased to feature this hardworking committee this month.

Happy New Year to all!

Lisa West-Smith, PhD, LISW-S
President, Integrated Health Section of the ASMBS

Committee Spotlight

The ASMBS IH Clinical Issues and Guidelines Committee is excited for the new happenings in 2020. The committee chair, Katie Chapmon, MS, RD started this position last year; she is joined by Co-Chair Dr. Kasey Goodpaster, PhD. Over the past year, we’ve been moving several existing projects forward as well as connecting with other committees to collaborate on future projects. This year’s initiatives include:

1) A new practice paper focused on nutrition and pregnancy post-bariatric surgery
2) Updates of past guidelines and practice articles, such as those surrounding gastric banding, sensitivity and macronutrients
3) Recent formation of a working group to provide guidance for caring for adolescents pursuing bariatric surgery
4) Reinvigoration of the IH Toolkit by joining efforts with other committees to create new, relevant content to assist in starting and/or expanding bariatric practices

Data from the recent behavioral health Telepsych Survey are also being considered by the taskforce authors as they relate to the next update on recommendations for the psychosocial evaluation of persons seeking surgical treatment for chronic obesity;

Please join me in congratulating and thanking this prolific committee for their exemplary work! We know that our patients, surgeon colleagues and programs around the world look to us for this leadership. We are honored to deliver relevant data and publications that promote best practices in the multidisciplinary treatment of the disease of obesity.

2. Important Dates for 2020

January 13thASMBS Weekend Abstract Submission Window Opens
February 13thASMBS Weekend Abstract Submission Window Closes
April 30thASMBS Weekend at IFSO 25th World Congress Early Bird Registration Closes
July 28th – August 1stASMBS Weekend at IFSO 25th World Congress
November 2nd – 6thASMBS 2020 Annual Meeting

3. ObesityPAC 2019 Annual Report

The ObesityPAC 2018-2019 Annual Report is now available. Read about accomplishments, advocacy efforts, donor recognition events, and more from this past year. Click here to make your first donation of 2020. 

4. 2019 Year End Review

The ASMBS Annual Report reflects a vibrant, focused, and dynamic society that is the established leading organization for our specialty. The 2019 Report reviews the accomplishments and future goals of our members, committees, state chapters, and leadership. Read the report here.

5. OCC 2019 Advocacy Recap

A new OCC Advocacy Report for December 2019 is now available on This report covers updates to the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, state level legislation surrounding medicaid coverage of obesity drugs, and the OCAN 2020 Advocacy Day date announced. Read more here.

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