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Important Notice

These materials are presented by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, primarily the Integrated Health section of the Society, regarding the surgical treatment for obesity or metabolic disease. The documents presented are based on current clinical experience and medical evidence available at this time. The materials are not definitive, and are not the recommendations of the Society. The documents and their contents are not intended as, and cannot not be construed as, stating or establishing a local, regional, or national standard of care.


This section contains resources for educating bariatric providers and ancillary staff members about the care of the metabolic and bariatric surgical patient. These resources will help you develop staff trainings and will provide learning opportunities for members of your team, across many domains related to bariatric surgery. A list of resources is included, with examples of various types of these resources.


Adolescents – Coming Soon

Basics – coming soon

Complication Recognition – coming soon

Mobilizing the patient – coming soon

Nutrition – coming soon

Pharmacy – Coming Soon

Physical activity – Coming Soon

Sensitivity training


  1. Presurgical Psychosocial Reccomendations