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The mission at Sequence Health is to provide superior patient engagement solutions to healthcare organizations that significantly increase their lead capture, lead conversion to patient, and ultimately dramatically increase top line revenues while streamlining internal office operations.

Products and Services Offered

Bariatric Online Seminars

Our customized online medical seminars allow prospective patients to watch, listen and learn about your healthcare program from the comfort of their home at a time that is convenient for them by completing a simple registration form and off they go.

Bariatric Patient Tracking Platform

Our patient tracking CRM integrates seamlessly with your program’s EMR as well as your website. You now have a full suite of patient engagement tools which integrate your marketing efforts with lead intake, conversion to patient and care pathway management which is unparalleled in the healthcare industry.

Website Development

We create and implement a bariatric website design with your patients in mind. We develop tailored sites that fit your needs, reinforce your brand and educate your patients.

Digital Marketing

Our mission is simple, we drive more qualified leads to your website with our healthcare digital marketing strategies, and then we just keep doing that over and over and over again.

MBSCR Services

Our dedicated reviewer will abstract patient data from your EMR and ensure accurate and timely entry into the MBSAQIP Data Registry Platform. In addition, all proper patient phone call follow-ups will take place as well. Your Certified MBSCR will ensure that 100% of your completed surgeries are recorded properly and cost-effectively for your bariatric program.

U.S. Based 24/7 Medical Call Center

As an extension of your team, our medical call center will help get your patient calls answered quickly while following your protocol time and time again.


Our NurseLine RNs are available to help answer patient calls when your nursing staff is busy with patients or after hours when your office is closed.

Insurance Verification & Authorizations

Sequence Health’s Medical Insurance Verification Management service saves medical practices and healthcare companies significant time and resources by completing the pre-authorization, pre-certification and pre-determination processes for you.


Systems and services for Bariatric Patient Management, Bariatric Patient Engagement and Patient Retention Solutions.

Contact Information

Jarrod Buchman National Director of Sales Cell – 727-219-7066

Sequence Health 115 Perimeter Center Place NE Suite 1045 Atlanta, GA 30346

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