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Published January 2017

Recorded January 18, 2017


Staple Line Reinforcement Debate

Presenters: Scott Shikora, MD, FASMBS and Peter Billing, MD 

Moderators: Richard Peterson, MD, FASMBS, Valerie Halpin, MD, FASMBS and Daniel Herron, MD, FASMBS

Dr. Scott Shikora, Director of the Center for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital presented from Boston, MA, on the benefits of the staple line reinforcement during sleeve gastrectomy. Opposing him was Dr. Peter Billing from Eviva in Edmonds, WA on the disadvantages of staple line reinforcement. Each debater will had 20 minutes to state his case, after which there was an open, interactive discussion with our international webinar audience.

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