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Bariatric Surgery Changes Lives

If you or a loved one have struggles with the disease of obesity, help is available.

The It Starts Today campaign tells the powerfully inspirational stories of a nurse, military veteran and former NFL player — all of whom had bariatric surgery. ASMBS recognizes the courage needed to have weight loss surgery and applauds patients in their commitment to overcoming obesity.


“I look at the world differently now because I feel like I can engage in everything”

Teresa Bell-Stephens, Stanford Nurse

“Weight loss surgery has positive impact in a matter of weeks… you begin to notice you are dropping as much as four to five pounds a week.”

Elliot Avidan, U.S. Navy Veteran

Click the images below to hear more stories about patients’ motivation for surgery, their unique weight-loss journeys, and the personal successes achieved because of their life-changing surgery.

Tammy Beaumont BSN, RN, CBN
Gastric Bypass

Nikki Massie
Gastric Bypass

Cathy Johnson
Gastric Bypass

Rain Hampton
Gastric Bypass

Reo Davis
Sleeve Gastrectomy

Pam Davis
Gastric Bypass

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The best way to learn more about bariatric surgery is to talk to a healthcare professional. Connect with surgical experts, dietitians, and physicians in your area.

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