We are a company on the cutting edge of research for healthier cereals and snacks. Weight loss & diabetes friendly, Kay’s is strong in protein nutrition and low in sugar. We have our own manufacturing facility in Minnesota that is BRC/GFSI, kosher, and gluten-free certified. Our products use the finest ingredients and have an outstanding flavor profile. We use non-GMO soy isolate for higher protein. We do not use trans-fats or sugar alcohols. These products are for everyone who is looking for great taste in a better-for-you snack food and are used in bariatric programs nationwide. Patients appreciate that this is a food they will enjoy eating throughout their lives.

Sometimes called “A Protein Bar in a Bag” Kay’s Naturals offers crunchy high protein cereals & snacks that are certified gluten-free. Each serving has as much protein a 3 small eggs (12g) and as much fiber as an apple (4g). Our products are perfect for patience second level of surgery recovery for high density protein foods at low moisture.

Kay’s CEO Massoud Kazemzadeh is a processed foods expert who founded Kay’s Naturals in 1997 to develop foods to help diabetics control their weight and blood sugar. But a bigger market found Kay’s, as medical weight-loss programs, including Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, embraced its “Build Muscle, Not Fat” mantra and incorporated Kay’s products into their healthy eating and weight-loss regimens. At the same time, sales took off to individuals looking to lose weight or simply eat healthier.

Today, Kay’s Naturals generates revenue in the low-seven figures via sales in more than 9,000 stores throughout the United States. Each Kay’s mini-meal – including a selection of cereals, snacks and pretzels – contains as much protein as three eggs, is low in calories and fat and contains no gluten. The company also offers a complete, flavorful and hunger-satisfying daily diet plan that meets all daily nutritional needs at a weight-losing intake of 1,200 to 1,400 calories.

Selected as Ag Innovator of the Year 2016 by the Minnesota’s Agricultural Utilization Institute (AURI), an arm of the University of Minnesota, our company is dedicated to providing convenient nutrition-dense foods to consumers. Other awards: Winner at Taste of Expo East, Grocery HQ Trailblazer Award, Best New Product at ECRM, SELF Magazine’s Healthy Food Award 2012. The products are incorporated successfully into medical weight loss programs nationwide, and used by sports teams, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago White Sox.


Nutrition – high protein and fiber gluten free snacks, cereals and pretzels.

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Massoud Kazemzadeh, COO
100 First Ave SE
Clara City, MN, 56222
P 320.847.3220; F 320.847.3110