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Important Notice

These materials are presented by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, primarily the Integrated Health section of the Society, regarding the surgical treatment for obesity or metabolic disease. The documents presented are based on current clinical experience and medical evidence available at this time. The materials are not definitive, and are not the recommendations of the Society. The documents and their contents are not intended as, and cannot not be construed as, stating or establishing a local, regional, or national standard of care.


The changing landscape in today’s healthcare has led to several different approaches to care delivery and program structure. This section provides descriptions for the variety of ways a metabolic and bariatric surgery program can be designed depending on various factors such as where and how surgeons and other staff are employed and practice. In designing a metabolic and bariatric surgery program, one should consider which type of care management program model is most appropriate for one’s patients, facility, and practice setting. This section is designed to help you to create the program structure and staffing/team model that best meets the needs of your practice.

This section also provides resources regarding staffing. A comprehensive, interdisciplinary team is essential to providing a holistic approach to metabolic and bariatric surgery. Tools in this section will include job descriptions for the various roles in the metabolic and bariatric surgery program, as well as different ways to structure of the multidisciplinary team.


Program Models – Coming Soon