Unury Protein and Opurity Vitamins are the recognized quality leaders in protein and vitamins for bariatric patients. We are committed to offering only great-tasting, scientifically-sound, highest-quality protein and vitamins.

The company was founded by a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition from Boston University, with clinical and management experience in hospitals, home care, nursing homes, and research. She ran the clinical nutrition department at a large teaching hospital. We see our customers as patients, and both our product quality and our customer care reflect that view.

Unjury Protein is recommended at all of America’s top rated hospitals, and provides superior nutritional support for bariatric patients, cancer patients, diabetic patients, and pregnant or nursing women.

When practices offer Unjury Protein to their patients in-office, Unjury becomes the patient preference. It is well-recognized that protein compliance creates better patient results. Patients confirm that UNJURY tastes much better, and superior compliance follows. Unjury uses only whey protein isolate, and comes in six great tasting flavors including an unflavored option.

Opurity Multivitamins come in Bypass and Sleeve Optimized, Band Optimized, and a daily general use formulation. Also offered are separate Calcium Citrate, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D supplements. We believe ingredients from China are inherently risky, and our commitment to quality requires us to use nothing from China. We are unique in offering truly China ◆Free ® vitamins. Despite the effort and higher expense of buying China-Free ingredients, our prices to patients match other bariatric brands which use Chinese ingredients.

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