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BeeWell works with Bariatric practices to create custom mobile applications that guides patients step-by-step through their care journey, from initial consult to a rewarding outcome.

BeeWell’s apps are custom designed for your practice to guide patients down a specific path, giving them goals and answers right when they need it. We take your expert content and integrate it into an easy to use interface with intuitive navigation, giving patients 24/7 access to the guidance they need. Clear, simple to follow, step-by-step procedures make their journey not only achievable, but keeps patients empowered and engaged along the way. The end result is better patient compliance and that means better outcomes. By proactively providing patients access to answers and directions, your practice is fielding less requests, emails, and phone calls, saving your practice time and money. Build a smarter practice by giving your patients the guide that helps them succeed.


Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
Patient Education
Patient Engagement
Patient Satisfaction

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Lead Personal Marketing Assistant
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